You might be asking why someone would want to be a real estate investor so I’m going to rapid fire through a lengthy list of reasons real quickly for you and hopefully you can relate to several.

#1 90% of millionaires have become so, as a result of owning real estate. It adds substantially to your net worth.

(Disclaimer: I am no longer sure this is the case, especially with the new wave of tech millionaires, but still real estate creates a substantial percentage of new millionaires and even tech millionaires solidify their wealth via real estate investment)
#2. Becoming wealthy through real estate is more certain than other businesses, because of the near certainty of continuous property appreciation.
#3: Real estate doesn’t require a degree from college, nor care where you went to school.
#4: You can participate in real estate without using any of your own money
#5: You don’t have to be involved in real estate full time to be successful
#6: You can invest in real estate even if you have a full-time job, unlike most businesses. It is mostly a passive form of wealth building.
#7: You can live in another state or country and still invest in real estate in a specific city other than the one in which you live in
#8: Real estate can provide you with steady monthly income
#9: Real estate is more tax-advantaged than other investments
#10: Real estate can provide you financial freedom and allow you to live off of the passive income, no longer needing your job. Many join real estate investing to someday make enough money to quit their jobs.
There are many more reasons why you should invest in real estate but we will cap it at 10 for now.
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