23 Ways To Raise Money Fast In An Emergency


The richest man in modern history, John D Rockefeller once said, “I have ways of making money, that you know nothing of”. Every one of us, should have ways of making money, especially in cases of emergency.

“Mberede nyiri dike, mana mberede ka-eji ama dike” This is an eastern adage, which means that an emergency can overcome a man, but emergencies is when you know a real man. Financial crisis may rear its head at any time. It may be something as common as your house rent, children school fees, debt servicing, etc.. or more serious emergencies like loss of work, sudden health issues, etc..

Of course, the best preparation against sudden financial emergency, is to have some cash savings when the going is good. It is financial wisdom, to make sure you save up at least 6 months living expenses while you are working. This means that if you spend roughly N100,000 monthly, then you should have a savings of N600,000 in a separate account. This money will serve as a buffer in times of emergency, like if you suddenly lose your job.

Unfortunately many people rarely practice this savings habit, and even if you do, sometimes it may still not be enough to help you weather a serious challenge.

This article will list ways to raise fast cash, in an emergency. Some of the strategies may not be applicable to your present situation, some may even look ridiculous, but in any case, I will urge you to save this article, because someday, it might just save your life.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is an app, that allows you to accommodate a stranger for some days. Essentially, you will be providing a kind of hotel service with your apartment. If you have a spare room, live in a big city and don’t mind accommodating strangers, you can register your home with airbnb.com, then travelers who need accommodation, can easily locate you and squat with you for a few days. You can easily make N5000 per night.

2. Parking

This won’t work everywhere but if you live near an event venue, a busy street, for instance, charge people to park in your driveway and even your yard.

3. Sell stuffs you don’t need

The internet makes it easy to sell old stuff. So go through your house and pick out all the stuffs you don’t need. Clean it up, and take a good picture. Post on websites like jiji.ng. You will be surprised that your useless materials are actually very useful to some people.

4. Storage

If you have an empty warehouse, and live in a big city, why not list your warehouse on several property sites online. Lots of business people may need a quick temporary storage space to receive inventory.

5. Private Tutor

Those ultra-competitive tiger parents want to make sure their special kids get into the best schools. Make some banners and paste in rich neighborhoods. You can also use internet to spread the word. If you are good in some tough subjects, then you have a money making skill.

6. Overtime

If your company pays for overtime, then work overtime. If you work day and night shifts, see if working night for some of your colleagues will give you the extra cash you need.

7. Ask for a raise

At worst you get a NO. But if you don’t ask, you may never receive. Before asking though, make sure you are not easily replaceable. Don’t just walk in and ask. You have to be prepared to argue your case. This is almost like another job interview. You need to sell yourself again. Know your value within your team and the company.

Also it is important you start a side business even while you are working. It is never wise to put all your eggs in one basket, especially when you don’t own the basket. If you have not started a business before, register with online groups like Millionaires Academy (www.register.millionaire.ng), you will probably make a million within your first year of starting your business. And then you have given yourself a raise, and you can fire your boss.

8. Uber

Live where uber works ? then make extra cash with your car on uber. The great thing about Uber is that you can set your own schedule. So you can work your regular job and make still make a few thousand in just a few hours on a weekend or evening.

If you don’t have Uber, you can still use your car as a special Taxi drop, or register it for Airport shuttle.

9. Beg online

Not a very dignified thing, but when you are in a real crisis, there is no shame. You can ask for alms on several sites, like GO FUND ME. People fund almost anything. Give it a trial.

10. Baby sitting

With both Dad and Mom working 8 to 6 these days, baby sitting is a fast growing business. Many parents will prefer to drop off their toddler in a home than a nursery. So if you are a woman, and love kids, then talk to your wealthier, busy neighbors.  And once you do a great job, words will get out, and you will soon have a bunch of kids on your hands.

11. Mechanical Turk

This is an Amazon site that pays small amounts of money for completing simple tasks like looking at an image and describing it in fewer than ten words.

12. Shopping

Do you love shopping, then you can make money shopping for busy people, especially elder ones. This is another growing segment in big cities today.

13. Sell door-to-door

Selling door to door, is a fast way to make that extra cash. Almost any item can be sold door to door. fashion, cosmetics, clothes, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, the list goes on.

If you are a christian, do you know why Jehovah Witness keeps growing steadily, though they don’t conduct mass healing crusades? and do little televangelism? Simple, they sell it, door to door.

14. “Donate” your blood

Yes you are donating it, but it is your blood. So make sure they pay you a few thousands, to make it worth the effort. Blood donation is a noble thing, as it can save someone’s life. It is also a healthy habit. Ask your doctor.

15. Be a Whistle blower

You can land big money by taking advantage of the new whistle blower policy, to expose some corrupt people. Just be careful and do this anonymously. Turn into Sherlock Holmes immediately and begin to trace those politicians, heads of parastatals, and such figures . If you land a big one, the 5% commission you make, can settle you for life. Corrupt people don’t steal small money.

So far, the federal government said that it has recovered N42 billion Naira through the whistle blower policy. This means the informants has been paid out a whooping N2.1 billion for exposing the loot. With such money, you can even disappear for some years.

16. Carry Pregnancy for someone

Some women cannot carry their own pregnancy for many reasons, could be a bad womb or whatever. They are willing to pay anything to have their own kids. Many specialist hospitals now a service called surrogate pregnancy. They take the patients egg and fertilize it with her husbands sperm, and finally put it in your womb.

This is not an easy decision to make, because you have to realize that the baby is not yours, and you will sign a paper never to look for it. But if you already have your own kids, this could be a great way to make big money and still help another woman. Your pay could be anything from N1 million to N7million.

17. Call in old favors

Remember those old friends you helped long time ago? this may be the time to call in the favor. If you never ask, you never receive. Make a list of all the people you have assisted one way or another, and start calling for help. There is no shame in this. Everyone needs someone to lean on, once in a while. And who better to lean on, than someone who has leaned on you before. Don’t die in silence.

And this is why it is very good to help people when things are working well for you. Givers never lack. Don’t think that you are too big to ever fall or to ever need help.

18. Look for odd jobs

This is not the time to think of your ego. Drop that certificate, and look for any odd job, so as to make ends meet. Could be a temporary menial task or a contract job. Any thing that brings money will do for now. Enlist the help of the internet to widen your search

19. Collect and sell scrap metal

If you have a light pick-up truck or just a good trailer, you can collect scrap metal from neighborhoods, building sites and junkyards, then sell it to scrap metal dealers. Some people has used this business to build their own house.

20. Turn your car into a moving billboard

This is a new advertising medium today, and it is gaining momentum. Charge a company for the space, and have your car branded with their company advert. They will pay you good money, and you pay a little to APCON and the authorities. It is a win-win.

21. Writing for bloggers

Are there blogs you like to read because you have specific knowledge of the subject matter? Offer to write articles for them. You should be able to earn at least N1000 per article if your articles are good and original. You can write for lindaikejisocial – N1000 for any article accepted. Others are saharareporters (Undisclosed amount, depends on the value of the story), Millionaire.ng N1000 for any article accepted.

22. Become an affiliate

Everyone with a product or service to sell is looking for agents to sell them. Find products you feel strongly about, and become a dealer. Some higher priced items can fetch several thousands in commission quickly. Even services also pay affiliates. Some banks will pay you each time you bring a new customer.

23. Give up some sins and save money

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, or drink three beers a day, going cold turkey for a month can easily leave you at least N20,000 richer. And if you womanize too, you can save a whole lot of money by dropping the act.

So these are some ways to raise emergency cash. Please don’t commit suicide because of financial crisis, nothing is worth losing your life over, and every crisis will eventually pass away.

Don’t forget that starting your own business, is the best way to secure your financial future against sudden crisis. If you have not started a business before, or don’t know how to run a successful business, Join Millionaires Academy.

And if you don’t know how to raise startup capital for your business, then you are in the right place.

If you know any other way a brother or sister can use to raise quick cash when in need, why not share it in the comment section below.




  1. A fantastic article by you. Thank you. Let me add these:
    1. Create or Become a market: Market is a place where buyers and sellers meet to transact. You can help someone to get a product seller to supply him based on your agreement.
    2. Help people to get home lesson Teacher for up coming common entrance examination.
    3. Sell something on sales and return. I have been using this method since 2009. I get books from suppliers to sell. After about one month I will return the money for the books sold and the remaining books. I dont have to drop any money to collect these books but having integrity is the key factor. You can sell clothes, bags, shoes, phones, gift items etc this way.
    4. Help students to write project. So many students are either lazy or dont know how to go about writing a project. You can help them and make money.
    5. General cleaning: some people dont have the time to clean their homes daily or weekends. You can help them out.
    6. Organise seminars and arrange for the resourse people.

    I think no one should say that their is no money when there are many things you can do. Act now and get the money.
    Up, up, up millinaire academy, the hope of tomorrow Billionaires around the world.

  2. 1) Meet a millionaire well-to-do friend and info him about a give away-priced piece of land you know about in your neighbourhood. Make sure you inform the owner about the deal before bringing your friend. 5% to 10% is sure to come out.

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