23yr Old Olajide makes $4.5 Million having fun.


Nigerian-british Olajide Olatunji better known by his alias “KSI” is on the list of Forbes top earning YouTube stars with an income of $4.5 million (Over N1.5 billion )  in the last 12 months. JJ was born on 19 June 1993.

The 23-year-old is one of the UK’s most popular digital media superstars, boasting more than 9,000,000 subscribers to his two YouTube channels (to put that into context, Tom Cruise has just 4,000), and a portfolio of brand endorsements to rival David Beckham. He gets basically paid for playing video-games since most of his videos are about this topic.

“Fifa is my baby. I have to pinch myself sometimes… I am living a lifestyle most guys my age would love to lead, playing computer games and earning good money.

“I would say in a year I spend maybe half of that playing Fifa. I love it that much. I think I must have spent 200 hours on the new game already.”

He decided to drop out of school when his weekly income was £1,500. In one interview, Olajide admits that his parents were crazy about this decision. We can understand their point of view. What if your kid told you they are quitting school because they have to post more video on YouTube?

Talking about his parent’s initial resistance, JJ said:

olajide parents
Olajide with his Nigerian parents.

“…They said this is the dumbest thing you have ever done, you are going to throw your life away, why would you just want to play games, you can’t make money from games, it’s stupid.

“Now they have completely changed. They’re doing videos with me and my brother all the time and they completely get it.

“I was able to pay for my parents’ house which was really, really cool, it was the best thing I could ever do for them. They have looked after me so it was awesome for me to be able to look after them.” 

“KSI, if you want to talk business, is a brand, and I have to do stuff to protect that brand now so it doesn’t become tarnished and I am not seen as a hated person, or in a bad light.”

olajide with rock
Olajide with “Rock”

He still seems shocked at how playing football video games has given him the opportunity to meet real-life football stars, who are keen to associate with KSI.


There was an invitation to play Fifa with Rio Ferdinand at the former Manchester United defender’s restaurant to help develop his #5 YouTube channel and brand (“It was amazing that playing Fifa had got me into that position”).

After he made a name in a gaming community, Olajide also started with rap music. His next big hobby. His debut single named Lamborghini was released in March of 2015. It was a success. Lamborghini made it to 20th place on the iTunes chart.

Olajide’s foray into rap music has seriously contributed to his growing wealth and fame. Check out his recent albums and earnings from music.

Albums Name: Income
MAC-10 Flow $1,990,950
Christian Bale $1,617,647
No Sleep $1,232,493
Sweaty Goals $924,370
Trippin $789,096
Lamborghini $718,954
Total Earning: $7,273,510


Olajide’s success has proved that one can make money even from his/her hobby, and money is really not a respecter of persons or age. It is not to encourage young people to drop out of school or anything like that, but to realize that even your hobby can be a source of income. The best source of wealth is one that you also enjoy doing. Click here to check out our many lucrative business tutorials. Am sure you will find one that suits your talent.

olajide lambo
Olajide’s new ride – Lamborghini Aventador

You also need to learn that in today’s information age, you have no excuse for doing nothing. There is always something you can do to earn some income.

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