Maybe you already know that digital marketing is a must in today’s business. What you may not know, is how to apply digital marketing in your business.

Let me quickly give you a few methods that work incredible well.

1. Website/Blog

In digital marketing, your website or blog is your ground zero. That means that this is where you should start your digital marketing campaign.

You can’t claim to be using digital marketing when you don’t even have a website or blog. There are many reasons for this, the major one being that it is one of the few platforms that you actually own.

This is why in our Complete Digital Marketing Masterclass, the entire first section is devoted to teaching you how to build a professional website on your own with little cash.

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2. Social media

I think this one is a no brainer. Social media is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing today, and it is the platform with the highest potential for lead generation at the lowest cost.

There are many social media platforms with a few heavyweights.

Your most important course of action is to identify the channel(s) that is most suitable for your kind of business and focus on it.

One mistake many newbies make is to try and focus on all platforms at the same time.

Although we exhaustively covered all platforms in our course, I always advise beginners to start with one platform that is most suitable for their business, and then gradually move to other platforms.

3. Video Marketing

Video is exploding as a very effective form of marketing, and video creation in itself can be a business on its own.

No matter which platform you choose for your social media marketing, it will be wise to include video as part of your content.

4. Digital Marketing Tools

Trying to run all your digital marketing campaigns manually, is a great way to waste a lot of time unless you have a team.

Creating and posting contents can be quite rigorous without the use of tools.

There are many tools that will help you in creating, posting, organizing and managing content.

Tools like Hootsuite are excellent for managing your social media content. Other powerful tools include MailChimp or Aweber for email marketing,
Pingdom for optimizing your website,
Buzzsumo for curating trending topics on the internet, to help you in content creation and lots more.

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Most importantly, also understand that digital marketing is not like traditional marketing where you just bombard people with adverts, whether they like it or not.

No, in digital marketing, you need to serve your audience. You need to provide them with valuable content and put their interest above yours.

The viral power of digital marketing can raise you overnight…………but it can also crush a business overnight.

To your Success