5 MOST POWERFUL LAWS OF SUCCESS IN THE UNIVERSE. Fight them at your own peril.


Are you someone who has read all the books, listened to all the tapes, went to the seminars and is still looking to make money?


You have tried everything, and you truly believe that you have something inside you, but still you can’t seem to make a breakthrough. It seems you are just hitting your head against a wall.




I understand how you feel, because I have been there. Do you realize that life is like a set of bulletproof doors, each with a unique key. Without the right key, you can never open the door to the next stage, no matter how intelligent you are. Someone less intelligent than you, but with the right key, will open the open and move to the next level.

Life is guided by powerful laws, that you need to learn and master before you can make progress.


It took me many years to finally master the powerful laws of success, and today I will like to share these laws with as many as have an open mind and desires success in their lives.


There are several laws of success, but the 5 powerful laws of success I will share with you, are not known to many and has disastrous consequences to the ignorant.


Let’s begin:




Most people that seeks financial success, are trying to

  • Make N10Million before they ever make N1million
  • Make N1Million before they ever make N100,000
  • Make N100,000 before they ever make N10,000

This goes totally against the natural law of growth, and that is why they fail. No child can run without first walking, or walk without first crawling. Many people are trying to reverse that natural law of growth, because they aspire very high, but are not willingly to start very small.


If you need the greatest oak tree, you first have to plant the smallest acorn, and you can’t go to University without first passing through secondary school, nor can you go through secondary school without passing through the primary school.

Understanding and following the law of growth is absolutely essential to your success. In my many years in business, I have seen people who have been trying for over 10 years to make a million naira, but never succeeded until they understand the law of growth. Surprisingly once they start applying the law of growth and aim for N10,000 first, before N100,000. It doesn’t take them more than 2 years to hit the million mark.

Stop living in fantasy island.

Forget about making all these huge numbers. If you are having challenges, just focus on making N5000 this week.

Stop chasing an illusion that is destroying your financial livelihood.

“He who works his land will have abundant food,

but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” Proverbs 12:11


What you need is to CELEBRATE YOUR FINANCIAL VICTORIES because you’ll increase your confidence, your skills, your belief in yourself.




You see, nature teaches us that all things must advance step-by-step.

The secret behind the Law of Growth is that you must first learn how to make

N1000, N5000, or N10,000 before you try to make N100,000. Once you’ve achieved what I call your first ‘Financial Victory’, it will be one of the most important events in your entrepreneurial life! The Law of Growth is a MUST for your entrepreneurial success.


If you’ve never made a million naira in a month or less, then what makes you think you’ll be able to do that by the end of next month? But, we get emotionally involved with trying to figure out some magical way to do that. Even though we’ve never done anything NEAR that much money before. We need to be a little more realistic.


I am not in any way discouraging you from aiming for the stars, Aim high, but start small. There is a point where we can be aiming so far above our current abilities that we’re doing ourselves more harm than good. It will make us to do things and spend what we can’t afford, because we are hoping for this great result, as such destroying our finances instead of building it.


So why are successful people not teaching this, even though they know it from experience ?

Because that is not what many people want to hear. And because it is boring. Everyone wants to hear that you will break through the next month, and that blinds the masses to the incredible power of the law of growth.


If you fail to start applying this law today, you may regret it in 10 years’ time. Start now and see your life grow steadily.


To be continued….


Engr Ifeanyi Okoro


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