5 Most Powerful Laws Of Success In The Universe. No 2 – FOCUS



This is a continuation of the 5 Most Powerful Laws Of Success In The Universe. Click this link to read No1: The Law of Growth.

One major problem of most entrepreneurs is lack of focus. You usually find them trying to do 3 different things at the same time, even trying to run 2 or 3 different businesses at the same time. An entrepreneur by nature is used to having many ideas, but if you do not learn to focus on one idea, you will not be a great success.

Trying to achieve 2 things at the same time, goes against the law of focus. The law of focus demands that for you to excel in any given field, you need to give it 100% of yourself, not 90%.

Tiger woods can play tennis, but he is 100% focused on golf. Venus and serena williams are physically fit and can swim, but they are 100% focused on lawn tennis.

Ronaldo can run Olympic races for his country, but he never tries it. He is 100% focused on football.

Mediocre people say, “Never put all your eggs in one basket”, but billionaire Warren Buffet said, ” Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket very carefully”. Where your treasure is, that is where your heart will be also.


The law of Focus looks simple but is incredibly powerful.  For instance, light by itself looks harmless, but when you focus light to a single point, as used in LASER, it can cut through the hardest substance with ease.

One way the “devil” distracts people from their goal, is giving them a “better” goal. How many times have you caught yourself having a better idea, just when you start executing on your current idea? Or how many times have you caught yourself browsing other topics on the internet, just when you start researching on a particular topic you are working on?

Every successful person must learn how to focus his or her attention on one particular task and master it. Everyone has areas of strength and areas of weakness, but the highly successful people become successful by focusing all their energy only on the areas of their strength. They do not waste valuable time on their weaknesses, but rather hire people to take care of those areas.

When you focus on one thing, it will eventually grow and expand. But when you try to do many things at once, they will scatter and shrink. Picture a man trying to catch 3 chickens at the same time. Compare it with a man trying to catch just one chicken. Who among them have the greater chance of success?

Focus is absolutely essential in your pursuit of success. Let me teach you a few principles that will greatly accelerate your progress towards success.

  1. Choose just one business idea or plan for this New Year. Decide that you will invest all your energy and attention to this new venture, for the next 12 months, and you will not allow other things to distract you.
  2. Begin to follow a plan. Each time you read or learn a new thing that will improve your business, stop everything and begin to implement that knowledge immediately. Make sure you are not distracted, until you have fully implemented your new knowledge. Many people fail, because when they start implementing a new idea, they learn another thing that sounds better, then they abandon what they are doing and start another one. Decide that any new thing you learn, you will fully implement it, before moving to the next thing.
  3. One enemy of focus is envy. Many people are working hard on their vision, but when img-20160721-wa0003they see their peers doing well in other areas, or when they see the next shining object in the horizon, they abandon what they are doing to imitate others. Realize today, that you are not a photocopy. You are an original. Therefore do not try to copy or imitate. What works for them may not work for you. And what you are working on today may have a different time frame from what they are working on. So be patient and focus on your own vision. In its time, it will blossom, and no one will be able to achieve the same kind of success, because they will not be able to pay the kind of price you are paying now.

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