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Miilionaires Academy

millionairesacademy.org is the most comprehensive and top online business training school in subsaharan Africa. Millionaires Academy will take you by the hand and teach you every single thing you need to know about Entrepreneurship, even if you have not done business for a single day in your life.

The Academy is based on real life practical lessons, and not a theory based school. It is designed that by the time you go through the Academy, you will gain all the necessary business skills you need, and also learn any particular business such as Agri business, Industrial production, Financial trading, etc.

More importantly, Millionaires Academy will expose you to many sources of financing your idea, and help you to access grants and soft loans to kick-start your business.

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Engr Ifeanyi Emmanuel Okoro is the founder of Millionaires.ng and Millionaires Academy.