At 17, I Made My First Million. At 19, I Built My First House. At 26, I Spent Over N20 Million. At 27, I Had Lost Almost All


Funke Adesina hails from Oyo state, south west Nigeria. In a recent instagram post, she gave a biopsy of her life journey and struggles. Although she is better known today as a Nollywood actress, she made her first million in business, at the tender age f 19.

She wrote:

Let me tell you a story. I am a product of God’s Grace. I was the Games Prefect at my elementary school, I was the Senior Prefect of the secondary school I attended.

I started modelling at 13. I started business at 14. At 17 I made my first million. At 19, I built my first house. At 24, i already have OND, a diploma and a degree.

At 25, I ran a presidential campaign for one of the greatest men Nigeria is blessed with, Mallam Shekarau. At 26, I opened a fashion emporium in my home town which cost me over 20 million naira then.

But guess what, at 27, I had lost almost all. This was the period I knew people for what they are. God used this period to prepare me for a better tomorrow.

Instead of sulking, I looked inward and found a renewed strength within me. I sold my car, started all over but this time, quietly. I found a new calling. To live my life for people who are truly in need and have nothing to even give you in return but a most sincere prayer to God almighty.

To the glory of God today, I am the CEO of four resourceful companies with interest in Importation, Oil and Gas, Integrated services and Farming. Guess what? I’m yet to begin! Whatever your disappointment, see it as an opportunity. Never be scared to begin again. Everyday is always a new day!!! Before you envy my success, learn my pain!#funkeadesiyan #ibadan#silentbusinessmogul

She also talked about what she does aside being in front of the camera and running around for campaign. According to Adesiyan,   “I am into business; wine importation, construction and general importation of goods into Nigeria.  I have always been a business-oriented person as I started business when I was barely 13 years old.

Though if my mother had her way, I wouldn’t have gone into business at such tender age. There was little she could do about it because she noticed that trait in me when I was very young. I have always had flair for trading. I had a shop when I was in secondary school.”


Funke advised fellow actors and actress not to depend on only one source of income. She also revealed her love for farming, “These days, farming is a lot of money and a huge investment. She showed off one of her pig and wrote, ‘One of my pigs at the farm takes a selfie! Agbeloba. Stop being idle. Start something today, however small, with hardwork and prayer, the sky shall be the beginning!”.

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