Bill Gates of Nigeria

The duo of Osine Ikhianosime and Anesi Ikhianosime have rekindled hope in the future of nigeria as they entered their names in the catalogue of application developers when they built a mobile web browser that is already in use globally.
When they were 9 and 7 years old, the two of them started their own business called “BluDoors”, they were inspired to use the name “Doors” from the name Bill Gates’ used for his own product, “Windows”. The two boys taught themselves Coding on platforms
available on the Internet such as the Code Academy. As they got better they recognised that there was a “need” to develop a “browser” which could be used with the type of cheap smart phones that people in Africa generally buy. Cheap phones or imitations cannot process data as well as more expensive phones, causing the user many problems.
When they decided to learn to code at age 12 and 14 respectively, Osine said, “I didn’t let my uncle’s belief that it would be a tough feat to achieve stop me.” “I started with Java,”

“I learnt to code by myself. I started in 2013, I used sites like Code Academy, Code Avengers and books like ‘Android for Game Development’ and ‘Games for Dummies’,” said Anesi.

While both brothers write code, Anesi designs the user interface.

According to their mum, Mrs Ngozi Ikhianosime, who is a Math teacher, “Oseni could already use a PC before could read, at age 3.” She says it’s all he does since he learnt to code. She also says that his school was also essential in his learning to code at such a young age, as the students have access to computer and internet facilities. At home, they each have their personal laptops.

She says of Anesi, who is in his final year of secondary school, “After Anesi is through with his secondary school education, will attend A levels, after which he will go to MIT in Boston for his first degree, because the university has the facilities he needs to learn well.”

Anesi says that he’d like to develop another app that solves real social problems, such as traffic and communication.

It is obvious that with the proper guidance, these teen duo may well be the Bill Gates of Nigeria.

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