Business of the Billionaires In Nigeria.


Are some businesses in Nigeria reserved for the privileged few? Before we can answer this question, let us try to identify the businesses that genuine Nigerian billionaires use to make their wealth.

Aliko Dangote             $12.1 Billion     Cement, Sugar, Flour,

Mike Adenuga             $5.8 Billion       Telecom, Oil

Femi Otedola              $1.8 Billion       Oil

Folorunsho Alakija       $1.6 Billion       Oil

Abdulsamad  Rabiu      $1.1 Billion       Cement, Sugar.

From just this top 5 billionaires, you will identify 5 industries which are : Cement, Sugar, Flour, Telecom and Oil. Interestingly, the richest of them all Aliko Dangote, is not into oil.

Now the question is, can an average man enter into these lucrative business sectors? A report sponsored by the CBN seems to indicate that an average man can actually break into several lucrative business sectors apparently reserved for the billionaires, especially Cement, Flour, Sugar, Fertilizer, Noodles (another sector by multi-millionaires like Oba Otudeko of Honeywell group), etc.

It seems from this report that the major difference between the ordinary people and the mega rich, is INFORMATION. The rich puts on an aura of invincibility around them, and use it to scare off potential competitors, their profile also intimidates the average man from even attempting to play in their area. Once while Bill Gates the richest man on Earth was being interviewed, he was asked to identify his greatest fear. The interviewer expected him to point to big competitors like Apple, but he said that his biggest fear was young people working diligently in their father’s garage, with nothing to lose. He said that these are the people he fears the most, because he knows that they are the ones that will one day come up with technologies that will disrupt and maybe swallow up Microsoft. A few years after making that statement, two poor students Sergey Brin and Larry Page came up with a search engine Google that nearly destroyed the dominance of Microsoft operating system, by making computing cloud-based. Soon after, Mark Zuckerberg came out with Facebook.

Moral of the story, Billionaires are worried about little upstarts who might discover their secret or discover another trend that will derail their business model. The CBN report is an eye opener that will let you into the world of billionaires business. Although the businesses are still not easy to break into, but knowing that it can be done, and seeing the processes, will instantly change your perception and may get you thinking in that direction. And like they say, As a man thinketh, so is he (ladies too!) .

The report details 101 big businesses in Nigeria, how to do them, the processes, the resources needed, the capital required, manpower and other sensitive information that are likely going to allow any bold entrepreneur to start a rival business that will challenge any of the several business empires in Nigeria today.

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The fact, is that we need more industrialist and Captains of Industry in Nigeria, to help rebuild the economy, create employment and improve the living standard of the Nation. We need more Industries, we need more Billionaires on the Forbes list, we have the population and the expertise. There is no reason why nations  like South Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, etc should be better than us. We have everything they have plus much more. We just need to wake up from our long sleep.

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Have you asked yourself why Nigerians abroad are always the best and brightest talents in so many fields? In robotics (Barth Nnaji) , Computer science (Phillip Emeagwali), Literature (Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie), in business and in almost every field, you will find Nigerians. It is because we are very resourceful, we are one of the most talented species on earth, but back home, the story is different. Back home we sleep.

Do you know what puts us to sleep?  No one is encouraging us, everyone is talking bad of the Nation, Pessimism is the order of the day, the spirit of entrepreneurship is stifled, hatred is fueled among the youth. I don’t know exactly how to put it, but it seems some kind of “evil spirit” is whispering to everyone’s ear that they can’t make a difference, that all those that made it are “government cronies”, that the economy can never sustain them, that they are destined to failure. I think it is the spirit of third world poverty. A special spirit of poverty meant to target the minds of people. I am not trying to be religious, but using spirit is the best way to describe this mass delusion.

As bad as it looks, I know Nigeria will rise again. China was once asleep like us. A great American statesmen said then, “leave China to sleep now, for when the dragon awakes, the world will rumble”. Today Mighty China is awake and the world knows.

Nigeria is also in a deep slumber, but we are waking up. The so called “recession” is waking people up.  When Nigeria awakes, the world will know.

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  1. Mike Adenuga. Billionaire but he can’t pay outstanding dues of 70 expat employees who were laid off from his company 2 years back, amount to only USD 1.9m. With this attitude of so called billionaire, Nigeria will never rise again and will go in further shit. If you can’t respect humans then you have no right to rise.

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