Don’t Put Off Tomorrow, What You Can Do Today


Have you ever noticed how you never get around to starting that exercise plan you said you were going to start next week?

Or how you keep postponing that new skill you wanted to learn or that new business you wanted to explore.

The greatest thief of time and life is procrastination.

It is so powerful because it works in very subtle ways. It convinces you that you can just start tomorrow, or maybe next week, or maybe when you have more money.

Every day, it gradually shifts the starting point by one more day, or one more week, or one more year, until one day you wake up to discover that it is already too late.

More than half of the world population is in the grip of this master thief, and that is why billions of people will live and die, without making any impact in life.


The interesting thing I want to teach you today is that to beat this master thief, you have to also act like “him”.

You see, if you want to catch a criminal, you must think like a criminal.

Here is the powerful secret for beating procrastination.

Instead of putting off your plans for tomorrow or next month, think of the easiest, simplest, and quickest action you can take today to initiate momentum.

For example;

If you want to start exercising on a regular basis, do just three push-ups and three squats now or any other super quick exercise.

Tomorrow, do one more repetition. It may look very small, but you will gain momentum, and more importantly, you will start building the habit and wiring your brain to accept this new activity.


If as you student, you want to start saving money, take just a hundred naira out of your wallet every day and put it in a jar.

Yes, it won’t change anything today, but if you add a hundred naira daily for the next three years before you graduate, you’ll have saved N100,000+ and more importantly, you have established the habit and discipline of saving.


This may sound ridiculous, but if you practice this, you will eventually see, that the master thief procrastination has no defense against taking tiny actions.


This is a secret of life. It is this same secret that enables tiny streams of water, to cut through a mountain of hard rock. It may not have much force and it may flow slowly, but it flows consistently every single day for a thousand years.

Nothing withstands a consistent force.


Engr Emma Okoro