Ghana’s Richest Man Plans to Challenge Dangote.


The richest man in Ghana is Micheal Ibrahim Mahama who is the half-brother of immediate ex-president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama. He is a very successful businessman with businesses spanning from mining, construction and poultry to real estate. He is the first Ghanaian to privately own a 15 seater Bombardier Jet and is rumoured to own a Bugatti Veyron one of the most expensive automobile on earth (worth over half a billion Naira).

Bombardier Challenger
Bombardier Private Jet
Bugatti Veyron


Micheal Ibrahim Mahama is planning to challenge the dominance of Dangote cement having nearly completed his own cement production plant in Tema.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama Companies:

1. Engineers And Planners

Engineers and Planners Company Ltd, a wholly Ghanaian owned company with close to 20years experience and specialized in the management and hiring of heavy duty plants, equipment and machinery, haulage, oil and gas, land reclamation and restoration, dam construction and mining is now operating in four countries: Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leon and Congo Brazzaville and hope to expand further to other countries including the Gulf region.

Ibrahim also has the mining concessions and contracts to mine on behalf of multinational mining firms in West Africa. Step on any rich land in the Ahafo side and the next thing you’d hear is that Ibrahim has the concession to the land.

Recently, the company gave out its machinery to Ghana to dredge the Odawna after the June 3 disaster. Of course the brouhaha forced Ibrahim to come out to say he did not take a penny from Ghana.
2. Asutsuare Poultry Farm

Ibrahim also owns one of the biggest poultry farm in Ghana. The Asutsuare Poultry Farm produces over 150,000 eggs per day and capable of producing 10,000 live chicks in a day.
3. MBG Ltd. (Sells MAN Diesel Trucks and offer after sales services)

MBG Ltd. is located in Tema, Ghana. Company is working in Car parts and Accessories, Vehicle services business activities.

4. ArcelorMittal Connections****

Ibrahim does not own ArcelorMittal but in Sierra Leon and Liberia, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama and his company work in partnership with Mr. Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, an Indian steel magnate, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaking company.

Engineers and Planners have also been contracted by Messrs Arcelor Mittal to provide mining services at their iron ore mining site at Yekepa in Northern Liberia. This project includes civil engineering works for installation of an iron ore processing plant and construction of a tailings Dam.
4. Real Estate Company

Ibrahim’s interest in private sector business began with his development of interest in heavy duty equipment whilst assisting his father on his mechanized rice farms in Tamale, Ghana. He developed a further interest in the U.K. where he resided for a period of five years and worked in the civil construction industry in Scotland. He also worked with M&M Properties in the U.K., a property development company.

Carlito’s Lifestyle:

For a man who owns two private jets and runs a multi-million dollar company, the least of places you expect to see him is the slums of Maamobi near Nima inside a Chop Bar eating Tuo Zaafi; a local dish, for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Visitors to social media site facebook, were shell-shocked to see pictures of  Michael Ibrahim Mahama with two bowls in front of him; one with a piece of meat and other with Tuo Zaafi busily eating and wiping sweat from his face, as though he carried the bag of maize used to prepare it. Close family sources who knew him from his days at Okponglo near East Legon confirmed that Carlito does not care, he could just move his car or motorbike and go to a “Chop Bar” especially in Nima to eat his favourite Tuo Zaafi “he doesn’t really care whether you know him or not”.

“Carlito” as he is called by his peers – after Al Pacino’s crime character in the film; “Carlito’s Way” – has a down to earth side and uses this approach to get things done, without making noise about them. Ibrahim also called “Baba” or “IB” is said to be so generous to a fault.

A visit to his house near Gold House at the “Kawo Kudi Intersection” is as though he runs an orphanage. Loads of people with different problems queue to meet and tell him their stories, mostly money-related. Most of these people will end up at his table eating the very meal he has been served.

Interestingly, it is from this same table you hear multi-million dollar contracts being negotiated openly with his numerous South African and European expatriate workers on one hand and businessmen on the other as if his company E&P has no trade secrets or competitors waiting to snatch the contract from them. Upon a first meeting, you could mistake him for being the messenger or a driver of one of the earth-moving machines.

Ibrahim Mahama is a Roman Catholic, having been born to a Roman Catholic mother; Joyce Tamakloe from Whuti in the Volta Region and liberal father, Emmanuel Adama Mahama from Bole in the Northern Region.

He humbly started his E&P company in 1996 after his return from London. His first job was with famous rice growing company, Quality Grain Limited at Aveyime in the Volta Region.

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