How e-Money Made His Billions, and His Lavish Lifestyle.


Everyone already knows that “e-money” Emeka Okonkwo is one of the richest dudes in town. His flamboyant lifestyle and conspicuous consumption  advertises his immense wealth. But what concerns us as Entrepreneurs, is the source of his wealth and any lessons we may learn from him.


E-Money is the younger brother of ‘Limpopo’ singer Kcee and the boss of Five Star Music. He is arguably one of the wealthiest young men in Nigeria and his record label investment is also one of the richest today. What sets him apart from other wealthy young men, is his penchant for conspicuous and flamboyant display of wealth. He has been so much in the news for lavishing money, especially during public events. In fact, he recently launched a money spraying gun, which helps him to spray more money at public events.

But things where not always so rosy for the young billionaire. According to his lovely wife Juliet,

She said: “When we started dating, my friends were surprised that I sidestepped all the rich guys in Lekki, where I was resident for a man who lived in Ajegunle but I was not bothered. I looked forward to getting a good job upon my graduation from the university. He didn’t even have enough money to take us back to Lagos after our traditional marriage. KCee was the one who lent me N20,000. I used it to pay our fare in Lagos.”

E-Money admitted that he met his wife when he was struggling to make money.

He said: “I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively concerned with material possessions and who I could plan with a future with. Fortunately, I found those qualities in her.

Emeka further said that it was while returning back from his traditional marriage that he got a call informing him that he has won a contract of $2m . This contract according to him, was the beginning of his good fortune.

Emeka and his older brother Kcee  both grew up in Ajegunle and virtually attended the same schools from childhood. Their father was a DJ who also sells CDs. It is no wonder that the duo ended falling in love with the music business as one owns a record label while the other is a musician.

As a young man, Emeka tried his hands on so many things, before registering a small clearing and forwarding company known as Borisa Nig. Ltd at Apapa in 1997. The company was located at 22 Creek Road, Apapa. He later invested in other businesses as he grew his clearing and forwarding business. Emeka persevered at what he was doing until he finally got his break.

Today in addition to his shipping company, he is also into Oil and Gas, Real Estate and Entertainment. His record label 5 star music is worth N500Million.


E-Money is a charitable person and a giver as he helps those in need and support foundations for children who would wish to attend school or learn a trade. True to his tribe, he has employed a lot of boys to work for him at his many establishments. He has also given a lot of younger guys the platform to learn a trade and become men of their own. One of his interesting charity act, was when he visited Ajegunle, and gave a shoe maker he met, a brand new car with N300,000 cash.


E-money is also an international business man, so it is of no question that he has expensive, out-of-this-world houses abroad. Recently, he unveiled his multi- million naira five star mansion in a choice area in Lagos despite the fact that he has other choice properties both in Lagos, Abuja and other part of Nigeria.

Emoneyy-650x400 gg.jpg Emoney6


You can have a field day glancing at trucks of different expensive ranges, colours and sizes as he is a freak of expensive cars and trucks like the G-Wagons, the Range Rovers Sports, the BMW of this world, the jaguars, the Prado jeeps and many more that are packed in his garage and some are even packed in front to his house. His known cars includes, latest Toyota Camry, Cadillac escalade, Mercedes G-wagon, Mercedes Sprinter LandJet, Lamborghini, Latest Armored Lexus Lx570, Range Rover, BMW X6, and lots more.
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Cheers !
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