How This Lady Makes Millions by Helping Others.

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What many young people still don’t understand is that making money is all about helping people and solving their problems. No body will willingly give you money, if you are not providing a value they perceive as being equivalent or even greater than the money they are giving you. And the more of such people you serve, the greater your income.

To make money, you have to be creative and look for needs that are not being met. In today’s increasing hectic lifestyle, one such need is TIME. Many people no longer have enough time to do essential and basic chores. Smart entrepreneurs are seizing this opportunity to  provide solutions for very busy people.

One of such entrepreneurs is Mrs Omotola Omosebi, Chief Executive, GmotyShop, Lagos. Running errands has made her dream a reality. She undertakes errands on behalf of people and organisations. Her company offers helping hands to those with busy lifestyle and schedule. It provides time-saving solution for busy people.

At GmotyShop, she provides fast and reliable delivery of orders to homes and offices. “Our goal is to save you the ‘market wahala’; we shop at local markets; take the stress off you.Count on Gmotyshop to provide fresh food. The service is designed to promote self-sufficiency and bring a sense of pride for individuals,” she said.

On how she started, Mrs Omosebi said the concept of GmotyShop was created when she realised how much she enjoyed helping and supporting parents and family members.

“We decided that we needed to expand our support to other citizens in our community. We saw that there is such a need for ‘honest’ help and it was decided that this would be our mission,” she said.

On how much she started the business with, Mrs Omosebi said she started from nothing. “Without much money to start, you can become an errand runner, she said and that the business is still growing. The business is not expensive to start. The start up cost is next to nothing. By using their service, customers can spend time doing the things they really enjoy. They don’t need to spend extra time picking up groceries,” she said.

She said starting an errand business for her was easy because I have “passion for it.”

She said the business primarily serves the untapped corporate market in Lagos.

She said the company is able to do almost any errand the clients need, providing fast and reliable delivery of orders, expanding and giving our clients the free time they can never seem to find.

“We pride ourselves on offering shopping services that you need at the best possible price. We provide fast and reliable delivery of your orders to your homes or businesses with the same quality that you demand and for your family,” she added.

On working hours, she said: ”We work Mondays to Fridays, including public holidays and weekends. One of the fastest growing service businesses is running errands for seniors.”

She said the elderly are their target because they are incapable of doing some things.

“New mothers are also part of our potential clients.

“Most new mothers find themselves tied up with duties associated with their newborns that need their undivided attention and suddenly, find themselves incapable of handling their daily chores of grocery shopping and food items,” she said.

On what it takes to run a successful errand business, she said: From experience, I will say that it takes passion and determination to run a successful errand business. If you are willing to compromise certain liberties and don’t mind working around your schedule, limiting some of your free time, then you can easily succeed in running an errand service.”

She said the company understands the needs working people have and is trying to find that balance between family and career obligations. “If you are busy, travel a lot, or you want somebody to do your errands, we are at your service,” she said.

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