What you are about to learn now, is the greatest secret of the ages. It is a secret that will totally transform your life and help you build the future you desire.

Every lesson we seek to learn is already in nature. If only we take time to watch the birds,

the sky, the rivers, the mountains, the valleys, ants and even the smallest atom, we will learn the true secret of successful living.

Let me just pick one powerful force of nature for my illustration today.


Have you ever watched a stream flowing? If you don’t have that luxury, just open a tap in your backyard, and watch it flow.

The first thing you will notice is that it will follow the path of least resistance, it will take advantage of any depression and keep moving. This singular action of water has made it an extremely powerful phenomenon. Water, moving in its path of least resistance cannot be stopped naturally.

As long as more water keeps coming, it will find a way around any obstacle, in its path of least resistance.

Streams flow to rivers, rivers flow to seas or empties into the ocean. Along the path, they carve great valleys out of solid mountains that block their way.

If you wish to succeed, you must build a path of least resistance towards your goal in life.

Success is not as a result of one event or one action that we take, success is rather a result of a series of consistent action that we take every day.

If you miss this first part, you will not understand the rest.

If you wish to succeed, you must do a specific set of activities every day.

You may wonder, what if I don’t like these activities. How is it a path of least resistance?

The secret is HABITS.

Success is not a function of intelligence; it is a function of habits. Once we form a particular habit, the end result is certain.

The habit of reading and study will lead to an excellent mind and greater opportunities.

The habit of exercise will lead to an excellent body.

The habit of restfulness will lead to a consistent energy level required for success.

Good financial habits will lead to wealth.

Our success will depend on our daily habits.

The brain is designed to conserve energy and shield you from stress. When you do something hard the first time, it is a great stress to your brain, and it will try to pull you away from it.

But if you persist and continue doing it, your brain will physically adjust, until it becomes natural and easy for you. It becomes a habit, something you can do even without thinking.

Now it is a path of least resistance.

Just like when you first learn to drive. It’s hard and even scary to keep up with all the things you have to do at once, but with time, you can drive even without thinking about it.

Once you form great success habits, your success is inevitable.

How do you form great success habits easily?

1. Make it Obvious

You must surround yourself with things that remind you of your desire. Set a table with a book in a conspicuous manner, so you will always remember to read.

Hang out with people you wish to be like, Keep healthy foods where you can see them easily.

Have you ever wondered why so many people watch hours of totally useless soap and reality TV? Because the TV is placed in the most conspicuous space in the living room, and all the chairs face the TV!

2. Make it attractive

You must make your habit extremely attractive to you. There are many ways to do this, and I do not have space here to explain in details, but the more attractive you can make your habits, the more you’re likely to stick with it. Constantly remind yourself why you’re doing this.

3. Make it Easy

Remember, your brain is trying to conserve energy at all times. If you make your habit seem hard, you are more likely to quit.

You may have to start with just 3 pushups or make just 3 sales call. Whatever habit you’re trying to build, make it easy to do, and you will stick with it.

Consistent is what is most important

4. Make it Satisfying

Reward yourself for completing your task. Basically, we are animals, and like animals, we instinctively do more of what gets rewarded.

That is an easy way to train a dog, but that doesn’t mean a dog is not intelligent. Reward yourself, and you will persist.

If you want to break a bad habit, do the opposite of all the 4 things above.

Make it invisible, Make it ugly, Make it hard, and make it unsatisfying.

Once you use this 4 ways to create your path of least resistance, then my friend, your success will be inevitable.

But what is success? That, my friend, is a topic for another day.

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Engr Emma Okoro

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