Mediocrity is Self-Inflicted, Genius is Self-Bestowed

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Man is a creature of excuses.

He finds it infinitely easier to complain and give excuses for his failures than to work hard and find a solution to his predicament.

But of course, this does not apply to all men, or else, we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Afterall, it was men who invented tools, that brought us out of the stone age.

Men invented machines that ushered in the industrial era, and such men invented computers that ushered in the information age.

These men never accept any excuse and go the extra mile to look for solutions to the challenges they encounter, in return, we pay them for their solutions, and thus they become great, rich, or powerful.
(Hey Ladies, you are included in the “men”!)

Make no mistake about it;
Challenges are real!

👉Living in a third-world country is a real challenge.

👉Been born and raised by poor parents, is a real challenge.

👉Doing business under a corrupt and directionless government is a real challenge.

👉Even inheriting a certain level of IQ from your parents, can be a challenge.

All these challenges and a thousand more, are real and can be valid excuses for failure.

But hear me, friends;
You can choose to let any of these challenges destroy you, or you can choose to succeed despite these challenges.

Heck, you can even choose to turn these stumbling blocks into stepping stones for your success.

How you may ask?

Here is one solution:

Excellence is born out of the uncountable repetition of simple things until they become second nature

Michael Jackson was not born a genius musician.

He bestowed greatness and genius upon himself, by his ability to punish his body for upwards of 18 hours a day, practicing his dance steps and his lyrics!

Show me a man who can do this, and I can bet all my money on his eventual success!

Successful people do not dwell in self-pity and complaints, rather they learn to gather their unlimited thought energy and focus it in the direction of their purpose.

Easier said than done, but there are thousands of examples around you if you just bother to look around.

I will not bore you today with stories but I take solace in the fact that the wise do not need to be convinced of the truth, and besides, no amount of evidence can change the opinion of fools.

I trust you are wise, else you won’t still be reading this.

Remember that it is those who started with the realization that they must get to the top themselves, because of their own initiative, who have always succeeded.

❌ Stop giving excuses.
❌ Stop blaming anyone.
❌ Stop looking up to anyone for help.

Say to yourself: If it is to be, it is up to me.

Then gather every ounce of energy and effort you can muster, and focus it on a single desire of your heart.

Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING will be able to stop you.

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Engr Emma Okoro
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