In 1985 Nigeria Airways had 17 planes while Emirates had only 3 planes. In 2017, Emirates has 256 planes while Nigeria Airways has none. The Difference is Leadership….

—-Ben Murray Bruce ( Common Sense )—-

Actually Nigerian Airways was dissolved in 2004. Plagued by mis-management, corruption, and overstaffing, at the time of closure the airline had debts of more than US$60 million, a poor safety record, and its operative fleet comprised a single aircraft flying domestic routes as well as two leased aircraft operating the international network.

In contrast, on the 9th of November 2016, Emirates announced a half year net profit of AED 1.3 billion ( US$ 364 million ), with an excess cash base of AED 14.9 billion ( US$ 4.1 billion ).

Why are we not getting it right?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

The Prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is responsible for the growth of Dubai into a global city.

When you study the book he wrote, aptly titled: MY VISION, you will appreciate the the force of one man’s imagination and the depth of his thinking.

Read some of his quotes from the book,

“Many leaders promise, we deliver.”

“We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development.”

“Try to achieve the impossible and direct your people to ways of achieving it.”

“The word impossible is not in the leaders dictionaries. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination and resolve will overcome them.”

“I want Dubai to be number one. Not in the region, but in the world. Number one in everything: high education, health, and housing. I want to give my people the highest way of living.”

“An easy life does not make men, nor does it build nations. Challenges make men, and it is these men who build nations.”

“Determination, strategy and vision for the future are our real resources in the quest for excellence and success.”

“Time is limited and the dream is boundless; therefore I am always in a hurry.”

“The first responsibility of a leader is to make his people happy and then to provide them with the required security, stability, comfort, progress and development.”

“You have to take the initiative to do what you can do, or dream to do, as boldness has majestic power; you have to take initiative.”

“You have to take the initiative to do what you can do, or dream to do, as boldness has majestic power; you have to take initiative.”

How many of our leaders, think in this way? It is obvious that our system is rotten and our leaders are very shallow in their depth of thinking. Each of our senators are more interested in collecting a salary and allowance, that will cater for 1000 civil servants, even in the midst of crippling recession.

But we too should bear a portion of the blame. The depth of a man’s wisdom is clearly reflected in his personal economy.

Maktoun says “Those who neglect the new will remain at the back of the line; those who wait for luck to make things happen will be disappointed.” But this is exactly what we do, we do nothing. we wait to for luck to happen, we are better at praying for miracle, and sharing messages that promise that once we type AMEN, something miraculous will happen in our life.

What concrete measures are you taking. to change your personal economy. Do you not know that just as the Nigerian economy is moderately independent of the World economy, your personal economy is also moderately independent of the Nigerian economy.

Until you realize this powerful statement, you will continue to blame the nation’s economy for all your personal woes. Realize today, that you are the President of your own Nation, which is your life.

Nigeria’s economy is anemic today, because our income is not diversified, we rely almost solely on oil. Your own personal economy may also be suffering the same fate. Maybe you rely only on your salary or on one source of income.

Why can’t you diversify your income? Why can’t you farm that piece of land in your backyard? or start a poultry farm or fish farm? Why can’t you turn any of your God-given talents into an income stream? Even with your laptop, you can start an online business, maybe an affiliate marketing, so not having enough time is not even an excuse.

“where there is no vision the people perish”,

You may not be able to do something about the Nigerian economy, but when we all begin to do something about our personal economy. The national economy will eventually reset by itself, and men bereft of ideas, will be flushed out of the system, because when people increase in knowledge, it becomes more difficult for ignorant thugs to rule them.

Join Millionaires Academy today. To change the destiny of our nation, we have to first change our individual destinies. Join us and learn the rudiments of business and wealth creation, and build a prosperous economy for your personal Nation.


  1. Great ideas. Very challenging and heart touching story. Everyone needs to do something about His personal economy. The quotes from that Book is great. I must buy it soon. God bless your memory sir. You are a blessing. KEEP SHINING.

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