No one is YOU, and that is your POWER


We allow our self to “fail”, because we are striving to become something that we are not.

We have this image of someone or something, and we are trying to look a certain way to some people. We define success based on external expectations.

As long as we keep on trying to be like someone, we will never truly be successful, because an imitation can never be the original.

We have to understand that the greatest secret to our success, lies in becoming the best version of our self. This is the only version that no one can copy.

If you strive to be the best version of yourself, you will not have any competition, because no one can ever be like you.

If you judge a dog by its ability to climb trees, you will regard the dog as an idiot and if you judge the monkey by its ability to swim, then the monkey will look like a fool besides the fish.

You can never judge two people the same way ! We are all different, that is why no two fingerprints are the same in the whole world !

So stop trying to be like someone, and be yourself.

This is your secret power, and no one can take it.



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