Not Painful Enough


A man visited his friend, and while they were talking, he noticed that his friend’s dog was constantly whining.

At a point, the whining became annoying, and he asked his friend, “ why is your dog whining constantly like that ?”

“Oh, don’t mind that dog” his friend replied, “He is lying on my foot mat, and there is a nail in that foot mat, so the nail is wounding him and making him uncomfortable”.

“Then why didn’t your dog leave the foot mat, and go lie somewhere else?” the visitor queried.

“Well, he likes the foot mat, and he is lazy, so the pain is not painful enough to drive him to look for a more comfortable place, so he prefers to bear it, and whine instead”.

Now, many people are like this dog. They feel tightness in their chest, but it is not painful enough, so they never go to the hospital, until they suddenly drop down with a heart attack.

They have a terrible job, that can barely support their family, but the pain is endurable, so they will rather whine and complain all day, than actively search for an alternative or complimentary source of income.

They know they are getting overweight; it is making them uncomfortable, but is bearable, so they whine and complain about not having enough energy, but do nothing about it, until they are suddenly rushed to an emergency room for diabetes or for other associated health risk.

And then our youths have totally mastered the art and science of whining. Sorry guys, am on your side, but I have tell you the truth.

Visit a newspaper stand, and you will find youths who are more knowledgeable than a professor of economics, and who know everything that the president should do, but ironically are not doing anything in their own life.

Don’t you know that you are the president of your own life. The Chief Executive Officer of your domain? What decisions are you taking about your own economy? The advice you are dishing out to the government to create more jobs, are you also giving it to yourself? You are a government unto yourself.

I am a core believer in the principle of personal economy. I know all about the national economy, and GDP, but I am a believer in personal economy. Even in the worst recession, you will still find people with very high personal economy. In fact, in this very recession, many new millionaires will be produced (Hope you will be among them).

At the same time, even when the economy is booming, you will still find poverty everywhere. There are many honest entrepreneurs in Nigeria today, who are richer than thousands of people in the United states, even though The US economy is far better than the Nigerian economy. So in as much as the macro economy is important, your personal economy is what should matter to you.

So I want to challenge you to stop whining, and start acting. If there is a nail in the foot mat you are lying on, get up from that foot mat, and look for a better place to lie down.

And most importantly, no young man or woman should be idle. I say it boldly, that any idle youth, should be ashamed of himself or herself. Don’t tell me there is no job. God created you with two hands, two legs and a brain, so you could do something with it. You cannot carry such powerful gifts, and tell me you that you couldn’t do anything with it. Your creator will be so disappointed to have blessed you with so much.

There was a point in my life that I had nothing. Then computer was new, so I saw an opportunity. I learnt how to repair it, and with this new skill, I quickly picked myself up. I don’t wish to bore you with the long story, but I say it so you will know that I understand what it feels like to have no money in your pocket. Yes I have been there before, and I have been in even worse position.

What can be worse than not having money , is owing money. Yes, I remember the day I knelt down and asked God, If only you can deliver me from this debt, I won’t ask anything more of you..lols..But I had to buckle down, and use my skills to deliver myself, and then proceed to make more millions. What you are asking God, God has already given you. You just have to sweat it out.

Pride they say goeth before a fall, and if you are too proud to find something to do with your hands, shame awaits you. Sorry for sounding so negative, but the truth is very bitter. Now, forget that certificate, that is swelling your head, it is only a piece of paper. There are more than 100 businesses you can start today with little or no capital, but so long as you hold onto your certificate and pride, you will not have the humility to bend down and work yourself out of poverty.



  1. I really don’t know how to say this and it seems many nigerians to understand what the youth of these country are going through. I want to afirm that Nigerians and Nigerian youth in particular are not lazy, they are very hardworking, intelligent may be not too smart enough to know where and how to productively direct and channel their business ideas, activities, and energy to enable them achieve their dreams, goals and objectives which I find it difficult to fully blame them for because the truth is there is no such facilities on ground to help them grow.
    Only a handful pounce on the few opportunities available to change the story of their life which me is nothing compared to the population of the country and no one is doing nothing about it. This accounts for why majority of the youth have diverted their energy into negativity and are now involved in crimes and other social vices just to make money. Many now publicly display their atrocious act of brutality on social media to show the world what they are capable of doing if no one cares about their warefare and wellbeing.
    It is obvious government can’t not provide all needs of its citizens just as parents can’t not provide all their needs but the essential has to be in place, there must platform for people to exhibit what they’ve got to succeed and the opportunities to survive and succeed as bonafide citizens of this country without knowing anyone or somebody in top positions must be practicable.
    I know this can not completely eradicated in the country because many of the world super powers also have cases of nepotism, corruption and other political and social problems but they are not as rampant as we have in Nigeria.
    We all now look forward to a promising and brighter future regardless of government input, we all are aware of the situation we are into now and are prepared to do whatever it takes or permited by the laws of the country to succeed regardless of the obstacles and challenges ahead of us.
    For the record, in this country, it is extremely difficult to actually do business legitimately in confines of the law than to go against the law in order to achieve your goals in life even though that is not your intentions from the on set. In spite of all these hardship, difficulty and stress people go through to survive some unscrupulous individuals this manage to somehow frustrate, disrupt and as well as sabotage their efforts in order to ensure their legitimate plans and business do not see the light of the day. What can we say about this.
    If a business is successful, that means it can grow and expand to create job opportunities for those searching for job. It will also be able to share its knowledge and the journey to other people to build their own business but they prefer to stop everyone and make sure they continue to create problems and diverting innocent citizens to had no intentions to do evil go into perpetrating evil if that is the only option left for them.

    Thanks for sharing your post, best of luck
    Olatunbosun Idowu.

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