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In this post, I will be sharing the third powerful key for achieving your goals this new year. (Click here to read the previous key)

I call this key, the secret of the valley.

The secret of the valley is a powerful key that every great man, woman  and great nations use to achieve “impossible” dreams.

To properly understand the secret of the valley, it will be best to visit a great valley. There are several such sites in Africa, such as the Great Rift in Kenya.

These valleys are gigantic channels, carved in between mountains. They can be exceedingly beautiful and majestic, thus becoming a tourist attraction, like the Great canyon of North America, and some are so deep, that they can swallow a hundred storey building easily!

But the great beauty of the great valleys are not our concern, rather our concern is the simple magic of its formation.

Great Valleys are formed by ordinary water that keeps flowing over a certain path every day for a long period of time.THIS IS THE SECRET OF THE VALLEY.

Consistency over a long period of time. You may not understand the power and magic behind this statement, but let me try to make it clearer.

Water is a very soft substance. When you pour water on a stone, you don’t expect the water to do any damage, because the stone is very hard, right? Wrong. If you keep pouring that water day in and day out, it will begin to wear the stone out.

Some valleys are carved from mountains of extremely hard rock. But as long as the water keeps flowing on the same path across the hard surface for hundreds of years, It will gradually carve its path across the mountain, and with time, a valley will be formed.

Go to some streams in your village, to see this phenomenon in action.

I don’t care how big your dreams and goals are, if you have carried out the 2 process I posted before, and you then begin to do a little task every day, day in and day out, towards the fulfillment of that dream, eventually, your goal will become your reality.

Remember, you must have understood the process involved in achieving your goals (See my part 2 of achieving your goals in 2018), You must break your goals into simple processes. Keep breaking it down till you know what must be done every day, then consistently do it EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL.

The secret of achieving great  dreams, is to make it SIMPLE.

Now imagine if ordinary “water” decides that it must create a great valley and then starts the work in earnest. After a month of working tirelessly, “water” may be disappointed that it is making very little or no progress at all. So “water” decides to rest for some days, or even abandon the project and look for another more lofty goal to pursue.

If water has such intelligence, do you think there will be any great valleys today? NO. “Water” do not set out to create the greatest valley ever. Water simply flows across a specific path day in and day out. Eventually “water” achieves the impossible. Lesson: make it simple and focus on accomplishing that little task ever single day. Focus on the simple daily process, not the eventual gigantic goal you set.

Consistency; doing simple tasks, every single day of this year. Never giving up, never backing down. Is the ultimate secret that will help you achieve your dreams this year.

I have given you three simple keys. I know they work, not only because they are timeless principle of wealth building, but also because I have used them over the past two decades, to build my own world starting from scratch. They have served me faithfully, and I keep applying them every day of my life.

This is my gift to you, Use it well. I just need to hear your success testimony by the end of this year.

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Have a blessed day.

Engr Ifeanyi Okoro

Coordinator Millionaires Academy.