We have the power to determine how every day will turn out. We have the power to choose the outcome we desire every day.

It is not something you can explain with the normal laws of physics, but it is true nonetheless.

Every great man knows that he is a creator (“man” or “he” in my context applies to men or women equally). We create our day, good or bad, and we are always in the process of creating, even now.

The problem is that most people are not aware that they are creating something, while great people are always conscious of what they are creating.

So starting from today, when you wake up in the morning, don’t just go through a robotic motion of routine unless you consciously decided your routine.

Start with a spirit of gratefulness.

No matter your religion, pray and appreciate God for your life and whatever you have. Know that your life and health right now is a gift that many do not have.

Then take care of your mind and body. Always feed your mind with the right stuff every morning, because eventually, you will only manifest what you have inside you.

If you start each day with bickering and complains, my friend, you are in for serious trouble.

Make sure you have a purpose for each day, and if you don’t, sit down and write down your purpose. Your daily goals must align with your ultimate purpose in life. You may not necessarily like what you will do today, but if it aligns with your ultimate purpose in life, then you will do it with passion.

Hear me sir, what is important, is not loving what you do now, what is important, is doing whatever you have to do, with passion and purpose. But if you hate what you do, and it also does not align with your purpose, then every day you spend doing it, your soul dies a little.

So here is what you should add to your morning routine:

  • Express your gratefulness to God.
  • Feed your mind and body with the right stuff. (Good stuff for your body are basically, good food and exercise)
  • Determine your goal for the day.

Once these are in place, then you are set to have the best day of your life.

Know this, you can make every day a good day. The joy is not in the destination alone, but also in the journey itself.

All the challenges we face and overcome will make our story, a beautiful one.

I will see you at the top.

Engr Emma Okoro

Coordinator Millionaires Academy.

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