How to make over N20 Million from Shell Liquid (CNSL)


Nigeria is blessed with abundant Natural and material resources. Our problem is in two fold. On the part of the leadership, is mismanagement and corruption, while on the part of the masses, is ignorance and laziness.

It is obvious to everyone, that the government mismanaged our resources over the years, but it also true that Nigeria is so blessed, that in almost everyone’s backyard, is a natural resource that can be exported for huge gains. But we are ignorant and even when knowledgeable, we are too lazy to efficiently harness our God-given resources. Imagine that Indians are now bringing packaged garri to sell in our “fashionable” imported supermarkets, despite the fact that we are the world’s largest producer of cassava.

Still Millionaires Academy, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Bank of Industry, EDS Lagos business School, Bank Of Agriculture and several other responsible organisations are now rolling out different programs aimed at empowering serious youths for wealth creation.

In this article courtesy of Millionaires Academy, we want to expose a common business that is yielding hundreds of millions of dollars yearly, worldwide. Few enlightened entrepreneurs in Nigeria, who are doing this business, are raking in millions yearly. This business can easily bring in over N20million yearly.

Normally, we reserve these businesses for students of Millionaires Academy, but I share this particular one, because the raw materials are abundant in Nigeria, and are wasting in many people’s backyard, while the manufacturers are seriously seeking for it all over the world.

Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) is a product that is increasing in demand globally, because of its many uses. Unfortunately, many people in Nigeria eat the fleshy part of the cashew and the roasted cashew nut while the shell is thrown away. Those that break the cashew shell to remove the nuts, notice that it produces a corrosive oil which can burn the skin. This oil is called CNSL, and is in hot demand all over the world, especially in China and the United states.


Cashew nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) is a reddish brown viscous liquid obtained from cashew nut. It has a very wide range of uses. C.N.S.L. has innumerable applications in polymer based industries such as friction linings, paints and varnishes, laminating resins, rubber compounding ,resins, cashew cements, polyurethane ,based polymers, surfactants, epoxy ,resins, foundry chemicals and ,intermediates for chemical industry. It offers much scope and varied opportunities for the development of other tailor – made polymers.

Cashewnut Shell oil is extracted from the honey-combed shell of the cashew nut and then sold in its raw or distilled form into three different broad markets: auto brake linings, industrial market and marine coatings. In the coatings arena, cashew nut shell oil is used as a key raw material in the production of curing agents for special epoxy hardeners and epoxy resins.

Coating sector: Industrial and marine coatings. Paint (anti corrosive) and enamels, varnishes rubber industry to enhance the vulcanisate properties. Lacquers developed from CNSL could be used for insulation, protective or decorative coatings for furniture, buildings, automobiles, etc.

Construction sector: For cementing floors exposed to chemical attack.

Laminating industry: For reducing brittleness and improving the flexibility of the laminates.

Substitute: As a substitute for linseed oil in the manufacture of foundry core oil, which is used as a binder in the foundry.

Automobile Auto brake lining

Paints and Enamels: Paints and varnishes made from CNSL have superior properties than those of conventional oils or synthetic resins. Varnishes resistant to water and gasoline have been made by incorporating sulphur in CNSL.

Lacquers developed from CNSL could be used for insulation, protective or
decorative coatings for furniture, buildings, automobiles, etc.

Electrical Insulating Varnishes

Rubber Products: The use of CNSL in rubber compositions has been found to improve the
performance of rubber products. It helps in the incorporation of ingredients into rubber and increases its resistance to moisture.



Medicinal applications: Indian pharmacies use CNSL as the basic ingredients for making several drugs, because of it’s potent medicinal qualities. One important use, is for the control of diabetes and obesity. The oil contains powerful substances, that easily controls diabetes, and burns fat. It also used in drugs such as stimulant, rejuvenator, appetiser, excellent hair tonic aphrodisiac and restorative. It is also used as an anaesthetic in leprosy, and also for curing warts, corns and ulcers.

Cardanol: Of late, the shell liquid has been extensively distilled to produce Cardanol, which is used in the preparation of friction dust for brake linings and also in rubber compounding formulations.

Bio-fuel: There is rising demand from China for the CNSL as it is being used there as furnace oil following the sharp rise in the prices of petroleum products. It is becoming a straight away substitute for petroleum products and the demand has raised the price almost three times at present. It is cheaper than petroleum products.

You can see why this product is now in hot demand globally. It has so many uses. For now, Nigerian youths can simply extract this oil and export it in raw form in gallons. With dollar price now hovering above N500, a few barrels of CNSL will fetch Millions of naira in the international market. However when we also decide to use CNSL and produce some of the products listed above by ourself, Nigeria can bring in billions of dollars in revenue from finished products.


A. Roasting process: cashew nuts are removed from the apples dried on a grill placed on a slow open fire. The dried seeds are then roasted in the shell in glass metal cylinder which are rolled about on a grill. Then the roasted nuts are allowed to cool, the shells are cracked and roasted nuts removed.

B. Oil extraction process; the shells are cooked in an oil bath to give a quick and uniform, roasting.

Some manufacturers use the first method while some others prefer the second
method from which the oil is obtained as a by-product. Raw Cashew nut shell contains over 20% CNSL. In the oil bath process about 10% of oil is recovered as a by-product. By using expellers for extraction, it is possible to extract a further quantity of about 10% more from the shells. Thus from 1 tonne of shells using oil bath process, upto 100 Kg of good quality of
CNSL could be extracted by using oil expellers.


Includes: oil expeller, filter press, electric motor , m.s storage tanks, oil bath and grill. All required machineries, can be produced locally.

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Estimated Turnover 1st Year: 24 Metric Tonnes with gross value of N22,180,000.

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