STOP STINKING THINKING….If you want to be successful.


The greatest enemy to your success is you. I will tell you a very interesting story that changed my life a long time ago, but first hear this:

No one intentionally decides to be unsuccessful except maybe the most twisted person.

However, although we do not wish to be unsuccessful, our actions and patterns usually push us to become unsuccessful.

Let me explain… The human being is fearfully and wonderfully made. I don’t know your belief system, but looking at the human anatomy, I see a marvel and wondrous creation that is equipped with all sorts of systems to ensure its survival, and domination.

God designed us to be super successful, he gave us a most powerful brain. With our brain power, we have gone to the moon, we have created awesome devices that we can use to connect to anywhere in the world, from the comfort of our home! You do not understand the power you have, you absolutely do not see what you are capable of becoming!

I know this because if most of us knew what we are capable of becoming, the world will be a paradise. There will be no crime, because we will all have enough. There will be no war, because we do not need to struggle for what is already ours. There will be no conflict. In fact, we will create heaven on earth.

Do you know why you are not yet super successful? Because most times, you turn the awesome power of your brain against yourself.

Instead of engaging your brain in deep creative thinking, you allow yourself to engage in STINKING THINKING.

While browsing through your Facebook, when you come across your friends who seem successful by showing off their new cars or lavish lifestyle, you allow your powerful brain to go into STINKING THINKING mode.

What is wrong with me?

Why is nothing working for me?

When will this suffering end?


This is stinking thinking.

Now your rent is approaching and school  fees is around the corner, and again you allow your brain to go into ST mode.

I am finished?

How can I ever pay these bills?


Then you are still looking for a job, your ST mode is like:

Can I ever get a job?

There is no job in this country?

The government is the cause of all these.

Nigeria will never be well.


The bad news is that once you make stinking thinking a habit, it blinds you to opportunities, the awesome power of the brain now devises ways to keep you in your wretched condition.

Truth is bitter, you may not like it, but the truth is that most of the shadows we experience in life are not caused by another person. Our shadow is created by us, blocking our own sunlight.

Many of us, needs a check-up from the neck up. We need to change our thinking.

Now let me tell you the story that impacted me seriously and helped to mould my young mind, when I read it over 15 years ago.

A certain poor farmer lived in a village somewhere in Europe. Forgive me if I can’t give you names and details. I read this story a long time ago. I forgot the names, but not the lessons.

So this poor farmer lived with his kids and struggled every day to keep body and soul together.

But poverty can be merciless. His wife fell ill, and because the poor farmer could not take her to a good medical center, the woman suffered and eventually died.

The poor farmer was heartbroken, and moaned his fate. But poverty has no mercy and do not listen to cries.

So the poor farmer kept suffering and shortly after his wife’s demise, he had a stroke, maybe from his broken heart, and became bed ridden.

Now this is real double wahala for dead body !

How is he going to take care of his children, now that he is bed ridden? With certain death staring him in the face, and the agony of watching his children suffer, he knew HE HAD TO DO SOMETHING.

Sometimes, it takes extreme circumstances to pull us out of a STINKING THINKING MODE. Sometimes only terrible circumstances can shake us out of our LAZY, COMFORTABLE, COMPLAINING zone.

And so, without the luxury of moaning around the house, the poor farmer thought and thought and thought and finally he had an idea.

He called his eldest son and asked him to kill their fattest Pig. He told him not to sell the pork meat to the villagers as usual, but to cut up the meat in little pieces and fry it.

He went on to explain that frying the meat will make it to last longer, and enable his son to take it to the city. He told his son to take the fried Bacon to the city, and look for big shops where he can sell it.

So the boy did as his father instructed him. He took the fried Bacon to the city in search of buyers. To his utter surprise, the fried bacon was in such hot demand in the city, that he sold everything in minutes.

The excited boy rushed back home with so much cash. “Father, father”  He shouted, “you can’t believe what happened today. I got ten times more money from a single pig ! We have to fry our pork meat and take it to the city. They need it there, while we waste it here!”

And so the family started a great business, they had too many pigs, but never enough to satisfy the demands of the city. In a few short years, the poor bedridden man, became a millionaire and the richest man in that village. They built, and moved to a new mansion, bought more lands, and expanded their pig farm.

“Papa, why are you crying” His young daughter asked one evening. “My dear, we have all these money now, but look at the price I paid for my foolishness. I thought things were difficult, but I never knew it was my entire fault. I didn’t use my brain until I was paralyzed. Now my lovely and hardworking wife is dead because of a simple illness”.

The old farmer realized that if only he took time to engage his brain earlier on, he wouldn’t have suffered so much, he probably wouldn’t have lost his wife and he wouldn’t be paralyzed.

Read this story again and identify 5 important lessons that will change your life from this short story. Many are putting their loved ones through horrible experiences, simply because they refused to stop STINKING THINKING.

Your loved ones deserve better. You deserve better.


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Engr Ifeanyi Okoro

Coordinator Millionaires Academy.

Note: Sometimes, your environment and people you surround yourself with, forces you to start stinking thinking. Change the people that surround you. Surround yourself with positive minded, purpose driven individuals. I encourage you, to join our movement. Click here to join the Millionaires Academy today.


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