The Moth That Aimed For The Moon


On a bright sunny day in the land of the moth, all the moths gathered to witness the rebirth of two moths as they emerged from the pupa stage.

“Oh what a fine plummage ! We must call this one Flick and that other one Flip” And so Flick and Flip became their name. Flick looked around and saw all the moths, but he also noticed something quite disturbing.

All the moths were looking too old for their age, and their wings were burnt, except for him and Flip.

“Don’t worry about it” said the oldest moth, “soon your wings will also be burnt.”

Soon it became dark. “Come let me show you something” said the older moth, who is also Flip and Flick’s grandfather.

Flick and Flip followed their grandpa and the other moths from the forest to a little clearing. Flick saw a yellow light glowing in the distance.

This is the house of man, they call that yellow light “fire”, it’s very fascinating and it warms us in the cold night. But be careful, the warmth can be so inviting that you won’t know when you fall right inside it !

That’s why our wings are all burnt, and most of your older siblings are dead. Also watch out for Mr Bat and Miss Wall Gecko, they creep up unnoticed, and many of us end up as their dinner ! Mr Bat got your father a week ago.”

Wow! shouted Flick and Flip in unison. This is a very dangerous expedition, but why do you keep going there, knowing the many dangers lurking within Fire and around Fire ?

What do you mean little boys? queried the Old moth, How dare you question our tradition ! We are moth, this is what we do. Our great great grand fathers did the same thing every night, and besides, its really warm, just come and feel it.

The two little moth drew closer and began to feel the warmth, it was so soothing, almost hypnotic. They couldn’t take their eyes off the beautiful yellow light that was dancing before them.

But Flick was still skeptical, he looked up and saw another big white light up in the skies.

Hey grandpa, what about this light, is it also dangerous like fire?

Oh! that’s the moon. I don’t know if it is dangerous, because we don’t go there.

Have you tried? asked Flick. Come on boy, we are moth, we don’t go there! Let’s just keep flying around this nice little fire, and should we fall into it, or get eaten by Mr Bat or Miss Wall Gecko, then we die with honour !

No said Flick, am going to get to the moon. It seems bigger and less dangerous, and besides Mr Bat and Miss Wall Gecko won’t be waiting for me there, since they will not expect any moth to go there.

You are a very foolish boy, come on Flip, let him go, he will soon get tired retorted the old moth.

Flick flew up and up with all his strength, he flew all night till early hours of the morning. He became exhausted and eventually glided down to the forest.

“How did it go?” asked brother Flip excited from the night’s adventure around the Fire.

” Am tired. let me go to sleep” Flick fell asleep almost immediately.

And so every night while other moths leave for man’s house, Flick takes off again towards the moon. Every moth regarded him as a strange one and he had no friend except his brother Flip.

Not withstanding, Flick was very happy in his solitude. He has seen many things his brothers never saw, he watched other cities from his high position, he grew stronger from his nightly exertions and while his brother’s wings were all getting burnt off, his wing was expanding and becoming even more colourful. He could fly faster and farther than any moth, and he never lacked for food. He knew of so many kinds of food source, and always returned home with a different meal each morning.

Many moth years passed, until one sunny day, a new moth was about to emerge from the pupa, so all the moths gathered again to witness the new birth.

When the new moth emerged, she saw all the moths gathered round to watch her. She noticed that they were all old and had their wings burnt off, except for one majestic moth that looked much younger, very strong and handsome.

Flick’s grandfather has been eaten by Miss Wall Gecko. The oldest looking moth was now Flip.

Hello damsel, welcome to the world. My name is Flip, and this is my brother Flick. I understand why you look puzzled, I look too old and Flick looks much younger and finer.

Well, we all thought he was foolish, because he tried to reach for the moon. He said he never reached the moon, but i think its not true. Just look at him, and you will see that even though he may not have reached the moon, he is far different from us, and his life is way more beautiful and more colorful than any of us.

With tears in his eyes, Flip continued, “We are now old and weak, and can no longer follow Flick to the moon, but please little damsel, do not follow our ways, we are bound to die either by the fire or by Mr Bat or Miss Wall Gecko, we never witnessed much of life. Please follow Flick, aim for the moon, even if you never reach it, you will gain so much, just from trying.”

Hello Friends, I think this story has a message for all of us.

Aim for the moon, you may never reach it, but the reward is in the journey, not the destination.

Have a lovely day.

Engr Ifeanyi Emma Okoro

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