There was a very rich widower who had an only son and they lived in a big mansion. The rich man loved his son dearly, and provided everything for him.

There was just one problem, the little kid was spoilt, and like most kids, he hated school.

Since he was still very young, the father decided to give him time to grow up a bit. Thus little kid remain in the mansion, with servants at his beck and call, but he could neither read nor write.

One  day the father told him, “son, here is my will, I will put it in my personal locker in case you ever need it”.

“What is a will dad?” the boy asked. “Don’t worry son, once you can read, you will understand the contents.” His father replied, not wanting to scare his boy.

The death of the rich man was swift and without warning. It came as a shock to everyone, since the rich man was healthy and strong. The little boy was hit worse by the sudden passing of his father.

Bad news spreads fast, and it didn’t take long for many forgotten uncles and long lost brothers to show up in the mansion, all with one ulterior motive, to grab as much as they can from the rich man’s wealth.

The funeral was a blur to the young boy, Soon the vast mansion was totally empty, and having taken their fill, the uncles vanished from whence they came. No one gave a thought to the little boy, and even those that remembered, wished him dead with his father, just so, as to cover their nefarious activities.

Days went into weeks and weeks into months. The boy managed to feed on his own with whatever food stock that was left in the house, but eventually, food ran out.

Now totally confused and terrified, the little boy has no option but to go out to the street to beg for food.

H was soon confronted with the harsh realities of life, a trauma that he never imagined before. It didn’t take long for him to forget his heritage, and he started doing whatever he could to stay alive.

In the motor parks, he found out that he could eke out a living by carrying loads for people, and so he found his new career.

And so he grew from a little boy to a teenager, and into a young adult. For 15 years he worked in the motor park and slept with ruffians. His physical appearance totally transformed by now, looking as poor and ragged as other ruffians.

One day, an old man was carrying a heavy load by the motor park. Although the boy has lost his aristocratic bearing, he has not lost his manners, so approached the old man and asked to help him for free.

The old man looked at him strangely but obliged. As thy were walking, the old man continued to study him and finally asked him if he was related by any chance to the rich man that died 15 years ago.

“Wow, shouted the boy, you know my father sir?”

“Your father” ? replied the old man in shock, hugged the boy and burst out in tears. Son, I searched for you everywhere, but couldn’t find you, what happened?

The boy was filled with sudden nostalgia, and with trembling lips, he recounted to the old man all that transpired after his father’s death.

At last the old man said,” I am your father’s best friend, I was away when your father died, but before I came back, you were gone. I asked for you, but none of your relatives seem to have any idea where you are.”

“Now, tell me, didn’t your father show you his will?”

“Oh yes, said the boy, he once told me something about a will, but I don’t know what he was talking about”.

“Thank heavens, come and show me” said the old man

And so, the two men, found their way back to the dilapidated old mansion which was now lying in ruins. Luckily the old man’s locker was still there, and remained intact. The boy opened it, and brought out the envelop that the father showed him many years ago.

And the old man helped him to understand the contents of the will, He learnt for the first time about the vast estates of his father, his stupendous wealth held in many bank accounts and his many shareholdings in top companies all over the world.

The old man also helped him to recover every property from his wicked uncles, and at the end of it all, the young man was so wealthy that even his third generation can live comfortably.

What pained him most were the many years he spent in abject poverty and extreme danger, totally unaware of his stupendous inheritanc.


What lessons did you learn from this story? There are many lessons you can learn from this story, and you can interpret it in many ways (I will love to see your interpretation in the comment section).

Let me draw just one lesson from this story.

We all are like the rich man’s son, God our ultimate father, sent us into this world with so much hidden wealth and potential in us. The human machine is an incredible work of a master creator, and no matter what you think of yourself, you are not a product of accident, but of an intelligent design.

Space will not permit me to expound much on this idea, but listen carefully…. you are a wonder, you are infinite, every resources you are looking for, is already within you.

If you look externally, to the government, the society etc, you will see poverty and joblessness, but if you look inwards, and you are willing to study and do the needful, you will see great wealth and abundance lying within you.

I know my faith will conflict with many others, but this is what I believe, I can never believe we are born to just eat, live and die. No !  There is a purpose to our creation. God cannot create such an intricate design, the tiny blood vessels, the organs, the heart, the mighty brain, all for no purpose.

Do you know that your brain is more powerful than all the computers in the world at this moment? Do you that if all the blood vessels in your body is stretched out, it would go round the earth 4 times! Do you know that with a single blink of the eye, your brain can memorize the contents of a whole city, and store it for life ! No you don’t know this, because you never cared to study the amazing and god-like qualities in you. No wonder  the holy book said, “you are gods, and all of you are children of the most high”

People in hypnotherapy, a branch of deep psychology, are able to make an adult, go back in a trance and recount memories that happened when they were 2 years old. And they will recount it with exactness as though they are presently there. Consciously, they could never have remembered such details, but in a hypnotic state, the brain bypasses all the conscious limitations we put on it, and remembers all.

I do not have the space to go into deep psychology, but I only want to show you that the reason for great suffering, is because we do not understand the great potential within each of us. We look outwards for help, but help lies within us.

We are like the illiterate son, we do not take the time to study and to learn, rather we rely on brute force. Some people think hard work alone will give you wealth. If hard work alone gives wealth, then laborers will be Dangote. No….  hard work without understanding is nothing but punishment. That is why it is called toiling or struggling.

Men like Dangote, Bill Gates etc, work hard with understanding, insight and great wisdom. Laborers rely on brute force.  Why will the richest man on earth Bill Gates, read one book every day? …..Wisdom is the principal thing…. I have so much to say about this, but let me hold my peace, a word they say should be enough for the wise. For the wise ones out there, listen well.

You are wealthy beyond measure. You just don’t know it, because you are like that rich man’s son who could not read his father’s will. Find your purpose, find your fathers will for you, and you will find immeasurable wealth.

I hope to do this for our students. I know that if more of us understand who we are, the bondage of the society and the government will fall off, and as  more people discover their greatness, it won’t be long before the nation itself become’ s great.

Very great nation like USA, were built on the back of great men and women. We need great people in Nigeria. We need you to become a great man or woman.

If you read to this point, congrats, I expect that a light will turn on in your life now, that nothing can turn off again. Sometimes, only a random word is enough to change our life forever. Please share with any one you wish to turn their lights on today.

If you like it more, why not Join Millionaires Academy. 10 more days to end of registration. We need more future champions in our country. We need more great men and women.

Thanks and God bless.

Engr Ifeanyi Okoro.


  1. Really enlightening, knowledge and enlightenment is what every man needs for total freedom in life. Like a wise man once said “There is no mountain anywhere, every man’s ignorance is his mountain and limitation”.

  2. I always love to read posts from this site because they stir up in me a great passion for transformation, painting the right picture for me to behold and become. I really appreciate your good work Sir and I AM COMING UP!

  3. Just that the man didn’t do well enough by not enforcing the child been literate! most time not that people do not want to do great things but the cost is very high for some people

  4. when we discover we recover. It is amazing how God created mankind with abundant potencials but mankind is so blind to know and we are made to understand that what we know help us and what we don,t know distrious us. Therefore what ever you want to be, just discover your self and keep at it soon or later your best part will start pouring and you are on your way to great success. i understand that ignorance kill faster, personal millionaires academy has expose me to some basic principle about business. so let be a life time student.

  5. I love this, many youth today keep shouting the government is bad and so on, have you ever think about your abilities, have you ever think what is the purpose of me in life, why not leave the government and build up what is special about you. More blessings sir.

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