This Secret Business Can Make Over N200 Million In Profit Every Year.


Exportation is the most lucrative business sector in Nigeria today, Unfortunately, Nigerians know very little about the exportation industry due to years of depending on foreign goods and services.

Still few Nigerians are making hundreds of millions yearly, exporting very simple materials that are very abundant in Nigeria.

Even though I reserve many of such business for our students at Millionaires Academy, I decided to share this particular unknown business today, because it is abundant and the demand is rising explosively all over the world.

You can start this business with just N100,000 and there is no limit to your yearly revenue. The business analysis I will share here, is a real business operated by an industrialist here in Nigeria, who makes over N200 million yearly from his business.

Let’s start:

Name of Sector Profiles: Food, Beverages and Tobacco
Major Products/ By-Products: Essential Oils
Industry Size: Medium scale
Rank: MIP

Market Analysis:
Volatile oils otherwise called essential oils are odoriferous components of some plants, derived usually from leaves, seeds, fruits, barks, stems or roots. Essential oils are useful in the production of perfumes, beverages, toiletries, food, cosmetics, paints, varnishes and pharmaceuticals. The production of essential oils whose local demand is more than 300,000kg per year is quite profitable. The world-wide demand is rising yearly and in 1998 for example, the demand was 48,500,000 kg valued at over N4,000,000,000.00 (N4billion)
By 2014, it rose to $5.5 billion dollars, the demand is increasing rapidly and is estimated to reach $11 billion dollars by 2020. You can google this figure.

Project Engineering:
Plant Capacity: 2000 metric tonnes/Annum(Eucalyptus)
Raw Materials: Many plants (e.g lemon grass, mint, Neem, Eucalyptus
Quantity: Abundant
Quality: Very Good
Cost/tonnes: N100,000 (Minimum startup cost)
Source: Local ( Kano, Kaduna,Zamfara, Jigawa, kebbi, sokoto, katsina)

4.3 Machinery and Equipment
Types – Extraction/Distillation Unit

– Condenser

– Cooler

– Separator

– Filter

– Cooling Water Circulation Unit

– Boiler (Steam generator)

– Electricity generator (Stand-by)

Generating set

Source Foreign & Local

4.4 Spare Parts Requirement
Types: Mainly filters and Heating elements

Source: Imported

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4.5 Manpower Requirement
No of people: 50 (But depends on the size of of plant you want to run)
Type: Skilled (5), Semi-skilled (15), Unskilled (30)
Source: Local
Salaries: Negotiable

4.6 Training Needs:
– In – plant/out plant
4.7 Utilities:
– Water and Electricity
4.8 Others:
Transport and Telecommunication

4.9 Preliminary Financial Analysis
Fixed Assets
Building/Land Rent
Machinery etc.
Working Capital :
Operating Costs :
Total Capital:
Turnover (estimate) N500,000,000
Gross Margin (Total sales – Production costs) N245,000,000

For confidentiality, I did not show all the figures, but you can see that this man made N245 million in just one year from common oil. (Complete analysis is available to Millionaires Academy students.
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The problem with Nigeria is not money problem, but idea problem.

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