So what are your dreams, hopes and aspirations for this New Year?

On this very first day of the year 2018, I will like to share a simple, yet powerful principle that will help you realize your dreams for 2018.

It may look very simple, but don’t let the simplicity of this task deceive you as regards its efficacy.

Now pause every activity you have already planned for today, go into your room, take a pen and paper and list three major things you want to achieve this year.

Take as much time as you like, to make sure you carefully articulate your core desire for 2018. Write it in three simple and clear sentences.

Now find a place where you can put your list, so only you can see it every single day for the next 365 days of this year.

This is the first step. Set a goal for the year. Just three major goals you want to achieve. Then put your list where only you can see it every single day for the next 365 days of this year.

I will share several other steps you need to take, in order to actualize your dreams as you advance gradually into the New Year. But for today, just take this simple first step, and I assure you that if you take this first simple step, you have already begun the powerful process of manifesting your dreams for 2018.

Many people make New Year resolutions, but before the next 14 days, most of these resolutions will be broken.

This year will be different. You will make continuous improvement throughout this year and some of them will even be made unconsciously. Just set your goals first and you will discover that some of your habits will begin to change on its own.

Our vision in life once focused on, directs our actions. But when we lack concrete vision, we literally “perish”.

I sincerely wish you a most wonderful year ahead, and I know you will take concrete actions that will totally transform your life this year.

You will hear a lot more from me this year, and in return, I hope to read much more testimonies than I read last year. Last year was awesome for most of our members, and I know that this year will be absolutely wonderful for you.

Welcome to your year of all round fulfillment!
Welcome to 2018!

Engr Ifeanyi Okoro
Coordinator Millionaires Academy.


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