Those that reject you today, Will look for you tomorrow.


J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter after being sacked as a secretary for ­‘day­dreaming’.

She then got rejected by not one, not two, but 12 publishers before the chairman of Bloomsbury brought home the Potter manuscript for his ­daughter Alice to read. Today she is the richest woman in UK.

Madonna started her musical career after being sacked from Dunkin’ Donuts for squirting sauce at customers. Her first band, The Breakfast Club, was dropped by their record label, so she decided to go solo. The rest, as they say, is history.

Brian Acton got his job application rejected by Facebook at 2009 – then he co-founded WhatsApp with Jan Koum and in 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp For $19 300 000 000. Yeah that’s right! 19.3 billion dollars! That is what they would have gotten for free, if they realized the value of Jan Koum earlier.

Almost every record label in the country turned down The Beatles; Walt Disney was fired because he lacked imagination — the list goes on.

It seems that sometimes being rejected is the best thing that can happen to you in life, a phenomenon that is being dubbed the Power of No.

I don’t know who rejected you before, don’t worry, they will soon wish they never did. But no matter how many people reject you, Never reject yourself. They may never see the precious jewel in you, but it is there nonetheless.

When Diamonds are in their natural state, they actually look like ordinary stone, they don’t glitter, and ordinary people may throw them away. But when it gets into the hands of a cutter, it will quickly become the most precious jewel. And the same people that threw it away, can no longer afford it.

So don’t worry, ordinary people will throw you away today, because they cannot see your value. That is good, because you are not meant for them either. You are meant to sit with Kings and royalty. You are meant for the top.

Just find your Cutter, and start the long and arduous process of refining and improving yourself.


  1. I love this…this article came on the right time, when am about to take off my Entrepreneurial Journey. It really got me inspired and added more courage in me. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. More Grace!!!

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