The subject of wealth and riches is a sensitive one to many people. Most of us have been trained to view wealth from a negative light. When I was in JSS 1 many years ago, I saw a Mercedes Vboot for the time in my life. It was a magnificent car then , and the symbol of obscene wealth.

I couldn’t wait to get home, and immediately I saw my mother, I blurted out, “mum, I saw this wonderful car, the Mercedes benz, you wouldn’t believe it mum, it has just one wiper and a V shaped boot, definitely mum, this is going to be my first car”.

My mother just looked at me with some apprehension and said, “Ifeanyi, that car is meant only for armed robbers, not decent people, it is way too expensive”.

Well, I was a bit deflated. You see, my parents were hardworking civil servants. To supplement our income, we still farm every weekend, although  civil service work was a good and honorable means of living in those days ( I guess is still is), but it was not a route to billionaire class. And the mentality of our parents in those days was that those who drove such expensive cars then, where either armed robbers or ritualist.

Although I was quite young, I never subscribed to this notion, I love reading from my tender years, and I have read so many stories of great American industrialists like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

It was Andrew Carnegie that finally taught me what true wealth really is. Andrew is the second richest man in the history of America, after John D. Rockefeller.  He is worth an estimated $309 billion dollars (By comparison, the richest man today, Bill Gates is worth $89 billion ) . In his book, the gospel of wealth, which I read when I was about 14 years old, I learnt the true meaning of wealth and I was forever free from the subconscious stigmatization of wealth,  that has held many people in poverty.

Meanwhile, after my mum rebuked me, I secretly decided that the Vboot was going to be my first car. I searched for the picture, until I got the exact picture I wanted a magazine. I simply cut out the picture of a sleek, elegant, glistening, grey Vboot and put it in my file with the title “My first car”…lols.. Anyway, several years later, in my early twenties, I bought my first car, and it was a Mercedes V boot, and it still turned heads then.  (I talked about how I made my first million here ….)

What exactly did I learn from Andrew Carnegie?

Wealth is not evil. Money is not the root of all evil. Wealth actually is service. Wealth is an indices that shows how much service you have rendered to the society. Remember, I am talking about true wealth, not stolen money.

The more services you render, the more the society will pay you. To make wealth in the right way, is a noble thing. When I see an entrepreneur who is worth 100s of  millions, my interest is, what kind of services is this person providing to the society.

When you begin to see wealth in this light, you will start removing all the negative stereotypes regarding wealth that we were taught either by our parents, or by certain religious beliefs.

Sometimes, when I talk on the issue of wealth to young people, I get comments like’ “Beware of illuminati”, and I shake my head. Who convinced us that to be wealthy, one has to sign off his soul to the devil? Who convinced us that Evil alone gives wealth?

If it is your religion, then does your religion teach you of Abraham, one of the wealthiest men of his time, what of Job who suffered terribly, but God later blessed him with great wealth, and of course there is Solomon. According to the holy book, Solomon  never even asked for wealth, he only asked for wisdom. So if wealth is evil, why did God decide to bless Solomon above every man of his time?

I think that it is the devil who makes our young ones to believe that evil gives wealth. That is a big lie from the devil himself. The devil only comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. He does not give true wealth. It is easy to trace the source of wealth of true entrepreneurs.

Bill Gates gave us Microsoft, and the ability for everyone to have a computer in his house. In return, all of us paid him $89 billion dollars for his effort. Steve Jobs gave us Apple, ipod, iphone etc, and all of us all over the world, combined to pay his company “APPLE INC” over $600 billion dollars in cash. Mike Adenuga introduced per second billing in GSM, we decided to keep paying him billions of naira every year, as long we recharge our glo sim cards.

South African Billionaire Christo Wiese, gave us Shoprite, and the love of “swag” shopping, and in return we are “swagging” and “shopping” and paying him billions of dollars every year.

So please don’t be daft. Illluminati will not give you money, your services will give you money. Some people may belong to evil cults, but having made good money myself, I can boldly say that evil clubs exist both in the rich class and in the poor class, It is for men of low self-esteem, who seek recognition and protection.

You say Michael Jackson belongs to the illuminati, but the young man sold over 100 million CD’s worldwide, who bought it? Me and you, we gave him billions because we loved his music, not the illuminati. And to give us such great music, the young man sacrificed his time and comfort, I don’t know any other musician who practiced as long or as hard as Micheal Jackson. But some young singer wannabes will wake up one day, sag his pants and start looking for some shortcut illuminati group to make him a star….lols..poverty mentality is a disease.

True wealth is a measure of the kind of value a person gives to the society. The reward for your services, is what society calls your wealth indices.

Our youths must discard the idea that the devil gives wealth. It is a lie. A man’s gift makes way for him. Any man who is diligent with the works of his hands , will sit with Kings and with princes and not with mean men. Stop looking for ritual money, it is fake. Don’t go and take someone’s life in the name of rituals, the devil will only use this means to take your soul and ensure that you will never have peace of mind.

Notice that I usually talk about wealth, not money. Money is just an aspect of wealth. Wealth is much more than just money. Other components of wealth are peace  of mind, health , love etc. If the devil takes your peace of mind and your health, you can never be wealthy, no matter how much money you have. If you doubt it, let me give you hundred million naira, but also give a disease that will forcefully shut your anus. Before 2 weeks is over, if you are still alive, you will be begging any doctor to collect the hundred million naira, and just open your anus…lols Just an illustration, but that exactly what the devil can do.

Never seek for wealth through evil means, whether it is rituals, evil  cults, kidnapping, armed robbery, yahoo yahoo, etc.. If you do, you may get money, but you will never get wealth.

Remember this, true wealth is as a consequence of the services you render to the society. Find something you can do, that will benefit others, and find a way to benefit as many people as you can with your services, and you will be wealthy.



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