Naturally, Diamond is formed deep within the bowels of the earth. The basic building block of Diamond, is carbon. But scientist has found a way to artificially create this precious gem in the laboratory, by simply subjecting coal to extremes of heat and pressure.

Tetra head Press for making Diamond

When you place coal under intense pressure and high temperature, it has only two option, disintegrate or become stronger, and the coal that becomes stronger, is the one we call DIAMOND – The most precious gem in the world.

It started out as common coal, but ends up as precious diamond, by enduring unimaginable pressure and heat.

Life is full of Ups and Downs.

Sometimes when we are down, we quickly forget the good times, and we think that all hope is lost.

Unfortunately, it is usually difficult to have hope when things are going bad for us. It is easier to fall into despondency, anger and bitterness. It is easier to lose hope, and start complaining and blaming everyone else of our woes.

The problem is that, once we allow our self to lose hope in the future, we fall into negativity. And nothing good comes out from a pit of negativity.

It will lead to evil vices, and at its worst, some will take others life or their own, out of anger, frustration and bitterness.

Never fall into this trap of the devil, and if you have taken a step towards self destruction, please retrace your steps.

Life is in phases, and every one must pass through hard times as well as good times. Everyone must pass through rainy season as well as dry season.

If most great men today, tell you their story, it may break your heart, and you will marvel at the terrible adversity most of them overcame, to become what they are today.
So, will you be a diamond? or will you lose yourself in the fire and disintegrate?

Coal may not be able to decide how to react in the heat, but the beauty of humanity, is that we can decide that this heat and pressure we are facing today, will turn out for our good. We can decide not to go into self destructive behavior and hopelessness.

And once we make this decision, and soldier on with resoluteness and absolute determination not to give up. Our outcome is predictable.

Before long, Kings and Princes will queue up to receive us at the other end, for then, we have transformed to a precious gem desired by royalty.

There is a Diamond in all of us. Use the heat and pressure to mold it and not disintegrate it. Keep your hopes alive.

You are just having a bad time, not a bad life. And one more thing….Remember, that the group you belong to, can help sustain and mold your life. So join other youths today in Millionaires Academy(www.register.millionaire.ng), so you never lose sight of your dreams.

May God bless you and may he never allow your dreams to die. May the pressure you feel today produce a precious diamond that will be desired by all.


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