What you must do, when your life doesn’t bloom….


You just got some rose plant from your friends house. You hurriedly plant it around your house and hope that it will grow and bloom just like in your friends house.

You can’t wait to see the beautiful red petals decorating your garden. What a breathtaking sight it was, in Tony’s house !

But something seems to be wrong with the ones you planted in your house, it is simply not blooming ! It looks sickly, and you begin to wonder if you got the right flower.

“Is this not the same flower in Tony’s house”! Why is it not blooming?

But your wife is more down to earth. “Darling, why don’t you check the soil? Is it fertile enough and did you water it?”

You see, this is a problem many of us encounter in life, and unfortunately we usually don’t handle it well and it has unfortunately consumed many talents.

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment, not the flower !

A lot of talented people are wasting, not because there is anything wrong with them, but simply because they are in the wrong environment.

It could be the wrong friends, or the wrong job, or the wrong career, or the wrong city or the wrong street.

The best maize seed will not grow in salty water. Your  environment is a powerful factor that can either nourish you or poison you.

Remember this, your environment is not just physical, it is also psychological and even spiritual. Pay careful attention to your environment, you cannot survive outside an environment, thus your only option is to choose the best environment that will support your physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

How can you be rich when every single one of your close friends are negative minded, pessimistic and vision-less people? How can you be a super athlete, when your pals are all obese and eat anything they see. How can you become a first class student, when you are busy in the bush, beating drums with your cult friends? How can you thrive, when you are a sheep among wolves?

Check your environment! Are you trying to launch an export business, from a village with no good roads and internet connection? Are you launching your business in the midst of thousands of look alike business? Are you trying to use your talent when your boss consistently puts you down, and crushes your self-esteem at every opportunity? How do you expect to grow in such a toxic environment.

My friend check your environment ! Thank God we are not plants, we have the option to move both physically and psychologically. So, if your environment is holding you down, then it’s time to change location, change friends or change your boss !

You are born to prosper, never allow anyone mistake the diamond in you, for an ordinary stone. Get away from people who don’t know your value ! Change your environment, and change your life.

God bless you !



  1. Healthy environment can make a fulfilling life and create an impactful business. Thanks so much fo this eye opener.

  2. I agree completely with this teaching that environment is a very powerful factor to consider while siting a business. I wish all our traders and other business people will key to this for success.

  3. poor preparation present poor performance. development is a thing of the mind so get your mind develop. no body is born with silver spone in his or her mouth. Never mind the sharp edge of the axe when you are set to get honey comb from a rochy area

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