You have to look like a fool, while looking for answers you don’t have


How comfortable are you with the uncomfortable?

Ironic, isn’t it?

But to succeed in life, you need to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

In one of our earlier courses (Basic Business Startup Course), I gave our students an assignment, to do something very uncomfortable.

We called it rejection therapy.

At the end of that exercise, a lot of our students began to understand the power of this therapy. I got many reports of business and personal breakthroughs, like one of our students who was terrified of public speaking, but after the therapy, he became a public speaker!

Now, it is important to note that many of the things we don’t have today are simply because we are not brave enough to face the consequences of seeking for such things. We are not really to blame, because our brain is designed in such a way as to shield us from doing things that are uncomfortable.

Starting a new business and failing, makes you look like a fool, and just the thought of that alone is enough to stop you from even starting.

But unless you start, and fail, and start again, how will you ever succeed?

When a child starts learning to walk, he/she looks like a bumbling fool. But thank God the child has not developed ego, else he will stop trying, and then he will never be able to walk.

Our ego keeps us from asking for help, so we don’t look weak and needy.

It keeps us from trying new things, for fear of failure.

And It keeps us from meeting new and interesting people, for fear of rejection.

Failure, rejection, and humiliation are anything but pleasant. However, the ability to withstand them and keep going is one of the key differences between successful individuals and those who fail to make their dreams come true.


As disagreeable as it can be, accept that occasionally looking like a fool is a part of the process of becoming a successful person.

Fortunately, the more often you voluntarily expose yourself to rejection, humiliation or failure, the easier it will be to handle the feelings they generate.

  • If you don’t ASK, you will not receive.
  • If  you don’t SEEK, you will not find
  • If you don’t KNOCK, the door will not be opened for you.

You have just one life to live, and the clock is ticking.

Drop your ego, forget your fears, go for what you want, and start living your life.


Engr Emma Okoro