You Will Either Step Forward Into Growth Or You Will Step Back Into Safety


Our brain could be the most powerful tool available to us, but most times, it is really the most powerful weapon keeping us from achieving our dreams.


The brain is built to protect you. Since the dawn of mankind, the main purpose of your brain is to protect you.

I do not wish to go into the biology of how this happens, but basically, once you confront danger, your brain reacts in two ways… FIGHT or FLIGHT

In most cases, it chooses the latter option and pulls you to safety by pumping adrenalin all over your body.

So, when our ancestors see a bear coming at them, they take to their heels with great alacrity.

Today, you will rarely meet a bear charging towards you, but it is not really about the bear. Anything that makes you uncomfortable or stresses you, will induce the same feeling of FIGHT or FLIGHT.

Now, the brain is the most powerful supercomputer in the known universe, and once it faces with a stressful situation, it seeks self-preservation, and ultimately pulls you back most of the time from the stressful situation.

It will do anything to make you back out. It will manufacture “excuses”, but mostly, it will exaggerate every objection you have.

So, let’s say you want to start a business or learn a new skill or any useful thing like that. Obviously, most things that will improve your life, also come with a lot of stress.

So once you think of it, the stress hormone is set up, and the brain goes into a self-preservation mode, because all it sees is a gorilla, coming at you!

So the brain magnifies every objection and challenge, in an effort to get you, to back away from this challenge.

Then you find yourself thinking stuff like,

“Small businesses don’t do well in this country”

“Besides, I don’t really have time for this…”(meanwhile, you have time to slave away at your job)

 “Even if I have the time, where do I get the money to start this kind of business, it will cost millions!”

“I don’t even need this course, cos it’s really expensive..” (meanwhile, you spend more money on entertainment)

“Oh no! the economy is crumbling!”
“I think, I better stick with my safe, secure job…Pay is not much, but at least am safe..(hmmm…what an illusion)

Ok, so basically, you think you are been rational, but you are not.

Your ancient primordial brain just took over control, for its own peace and self-preservation.

Once in a while, along comes a man (or woman), who knows enough to tell the brain to just …shut up!

When that happens, you get a great man or an evil genius…

Think Albert Einstein, Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Donald the Trump… lol, love them or hate them, one thing is sure, they mastered their brain and commanded it to serve them and not to enslave them.

The brain is like Fire, it could be a great servant when mastered, but when left to become the master, it could be ruthless and destructive.

One piece of advice…

When next you want to do something useful, that will benefit you in the long run (maybe something as simple as a morning exercise), don’t HESITATE, once you do, the brain takes over and tells you the weather is cold for today, “lets do this tomorrow…plsss”

Don’t Hesitate, don’t procrastinate and you will learn to master your brain.



Abraham Maslow

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Engr Emma Okoro