Your Passion Will Lead You Into Your Purpose.


What do you love doing?

This is a simple question that can change your life. The greatest tragedy of life is living without purpose, but how do you find your purpose?

The easiest way to find your purpose in life is to find your passion. Your passion will lead you straight to your purpose.

I have seen youths who tell me that they don’t even know their passion, but this is a great lie. Not that they are consciously lying, but they have what we call a blind spot.

For example, we all know something about our friend’s behavior or idiosyncrasy, that our friend does not even know about. And if you ask your close friend or sibling to be very frank with you, you may be surprised to hear some things about your self that you may have never thought about, and you will not even believe it.

This is known as our blindspot, that part of us that we do not see, but everybody sees.

We all have 4 parts.

  1. The part of us we know, and everybody also knows, maybe we are funny or something like that.
  2. The part of us that we know, but nobody else knows about. This is our secret part.
  3. The part of us that we do not know about, but everybody knows. Our blindspot
  4. And finally, the deepest part, the part we don’t know about, and nobody knows about. This is usually the greatest part of our life, but unfortunately, the part that most people never find out until they die. At times, only great adversity or great challenge reveals this part, which is why on of Chinese blessing goes like this, “..may your road be rough..” (by the way, what will you do, if you Pastor prays that your road may be very rough..lols)

Anyway, I do not have enough space here to go into these parts in detail. I only want to show you why some people think that they don’t have any purpose or that they are not good with any particular thing.

There is a system for discovering your passion, and I have treated this in detail in one of our programs (Time management and self-discovery course).

From the time I was very young, I have always loved to learn and then teach. As I grew up, this urge became stronger and is only outweighed by my love of science and a deep curiosity on how things work.

Everything I learn, I immediately want to teach someone either verbally or in writing. As I was growing up, my siblings suffered greatly from this compulsion, because I used every opportunity to bombard them with the contents of libraries that I devoured (I literally spent every opportunity in any library around me, because the internet was not yet known as at then).

Teaching, Speaking, and Business is something that I can do every day even for free and one thing I will continue to do until I have no more breath in me.

The question I ask you today is, what do you love to do? Do you love to make cakes? 21-year-old Kate Matheson made $1.6 million dollars baking her favorite cake in 2018.

Do you love cooking? I can’t even count the number of millionaires and billionaires who made their wealth from cooking, it was only in his 60’s, poor, broke and in ill health, that Colonel Sanders followed his passion for cooking, and built the multi-billion dollar KFC franchise.

Do you love making dresses? Don’t you realize that one of the richest man on the planet today, Billionaire Amancio Ortega, is a tailor? Call him a fashion designer if it makes you feel better, but he started as a common tailor.

I don’t know what your purpose in life is, but if I know your passion, I will know your purpose.

So figure out your passion today, and you will find your purpose and place in life.

And if you find your purpose, then you will find fulfillment, wealth and happiness.

It is my desire that you find your life purpose, for if everyone is moving on his/her own lane, we will have a better society, less struggle, and unhealthy competition.

While I know you will benefit greatly from taking all my courses, however, today, I will recommend you to take my course on Time management and self-discovery (By the way, it is ALMOST free for today).


Wishing you success.

Engr Emma Okoro

Coordinator Millionaires Academy